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RAM problem  


Ok so a couple of days ago a friend came to my house with his rig, en we got his RAM into my PC to test it.
I overclocked my RAM to 1600MHz (1866 crashed), but I forgot to put it standard before switching my friend's RAM to my pc.
So when I booted with my friend's RAM it gave an error that the overclock had failed.
Ok no worries, just re enter the values and it should be fine right?
Anyways after we tested the other RAM, I put my original RAM back. First my PC wouldn't boot, but after using 1 lat, it worked, then I put the second lat it, and it kept working.
But now I have a problem, my RAM is back at standard 1033MHz, and WHENEVER I try to overclock it a bit, and I exit my bios, my computer shuts down, starts again (on it's own), shuts down again, starts again, and it keeps doing this until I manually stop it. This occured after the RAM switching so I'm guessing it's that, but can someone please explain me why this is happening and if there is a solution, what it is?

Topic starter Posted : 04/10/2011 9:15 am