(Used) Creative Sound Blaster deals  

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Although these are used cards on ebay, these deals are simply too good to pass up. First up is a used Creative Sound Blaster Z, which retails for around $80-90 and uses the newest Creative Sound Core3D DSP which is probably the best DSP around. It's a bid that's currently at $37, and ends in 5 days. The seller has 100% positive feedback. Enad, if your sound card is truly dead then you might want to consider bidding on this.


Last but certainly not least is the Creative Sound Blaster ZxR, which is simply the best sound card in the world right now. It uses the same DSP as the Sound Blaster Z and Zx, but has one of the best DACs of any sound card and fantastic components all around. Most of the PCB components are the same as the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD, except for the newer DSP and some of the opamps which can easily be swapped. It retails for $250, but this seller has it up for $102.50 (current bid). The seller also has 100% positive feedback. So basically this provides the same features as the Sound Blaster Z (such as DTS Connect with DTS Neo: PC, SBX Studio Pro, and EAX 5.0) but with much better sound quality (which requires good equipment to take advantage of).


Posted : 22/07/2014 2:29 pm


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