Simply CD keys Steam sale  


Hi Guys! I know there is a steam sale sticky but this is not on the steam website so i made a new topic 🙂
So the website Simply CD keys is doing a 8 day steam sale its the 5th day in but the other games are still available at the low sale prices now i have no idea if these games are even any good as ive never played any of them 😛

i've put the prices in pounds and used Google to make it into USD aswell

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising - £0.99 - $1.66
Operation Flashpoint Red River - £0.79 - $1.32
Damnation - £0.99 - $1.66
Cave bikers Jericho - £0.79 - $1.32
FUEL - £0.99 - $1.66

As I said ive not played any of them there is also 3 more deals coming out over the next 3 days. Hope this helps and are any of these games good if you've played them?

Posted : 02/06/2014 3:03 am


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