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Great deals on these two cases at newegg. Use the promo code EMCLRPL24 and get the HAF 932 for $124.99 free shipping! Without the promo code it is $139.99 with free shipping, still an incredible deal. ... _-11119160

ATCS 840 is $189.99 free shipping. Amazing deal on what in my opinion is the best case out there. ... 6811119187

Here is some info I wrote in a post over at EVGA.

It is all aluminum, slide out MOBO tray, and excellent air flow. It comes with a 230mm front intake fan, dual 230mm top exhaust fans, and a 120mm rear exhaust fan. You can add a 120mm bottom intake fan and two 120mm fans in the HDD cage which will blow the air the front 230mm fan intakes around the case. All the intake fans are filtered, and they can all be removed very easily (except for one very small filter on the bottom of the case, meant for the front fan).

The 3.5"/5.25" bay tool less design is flawless in my opinion. There are rubber anti-vibration pads on the hard drive cages. You can use screws if you want, but they aren't required, and they hold well on their own.

The PSU can be placed on the top or bottom. You can have a dual PSU setup. It is suggested you place the PSU on the bottom. On the bottom it rests on a soft rubber footing which stops vibrations, and there is a dust filter which comes out very easily. This is ideal since the fan on the power supplies are intake fans, so the PSU gets fresh air from outside the case. If you choose to put the PSU on the top of the case, the fan should face up so it can take air from outside, but it won't be filtered. One 230mm fan will have to be removed, and if your PSU is very long, both will have to be removed.

Water cooling potential is the best I've ever seen, excluding those awesome/expensive cubes such as the Mountain Mods UFO cases. By default you can have a 120mm radiator in the rear, and a 360 radiator up top using the included fan brackets. You can also fit a 240 radiator in the HDD cage (but this will block the bottom 120mm fan slot), and up to a 240 radiator in the included external air duct. A triple 140mm radiator should fit up top with minimal issues, and if you're good at modding, you can fit a 480 radiator up there.

If you bought the case already, I'd say you made the mistake of buying too early, which lots of us do (including me). However the HAF 932 is a great case as well. It has a lot of similar features, the only things that are worse are as follows:

  • Construction - The HAF 932 is made of steel and plastic, while the ATCS 840 is aluminum. Aluminum is lighter and the ATCS 840 is a more sturdy overall. The ATCS 840 is much larger than the already large HAF 932, and only weighs .11 pounds more.[/*:m:3unnigz3]
  • Water Cooling Potential - While the HAF 932 comes with a liquid coolant fillport built in, water cooling potential is still worse. You're limited to a 120mm/140mm radiator on the rear, and 360 radiator on the top, but with modding you can use a triple 140mm radiator on top. You'll have to cut out the mesh to use an external radiator. On the ATCS 840 you can have a 120mm radiator on the rear, 360 radiator on the top (with modding you can use a triple 140mm radiator or even a 480 radiator, external or internal due to easy remove mesh cover with two thumbscrews), 240 radiator in the HDD cage, and a 120 radiator or even a 240 radiator in the external air duct.[/*:m:3unnigz3]
  • Dust - The HAF 932 has no dust filters. The ATCS 840 has dust filters on every intake fan, the front 230mm intake fan (two dust filters, the main one is easy to remove, a small one on the bottom of the case needs to be unscrewed), bottom 120mm intake fan (very necessary so your PC won't act like a vacuum cleaner if it is on the floor), and PSU intake (also necessary so your PSU won't be a vacuum cleaner). [/*:m:3unnigz3]
  • Noise - The HAF 932 isn't that loud, but the ATCS 840 is near silent. The only components I can hear in my PC without putting my ear to the side panel (I have the ATCS 840) are the GTX 260 and radiator fan. The included 230mm fans are silent spinning at 700 RPM (same fans the HAF 932 uses) - same goes to the included 120mm fan, which sadly only spins at 1050-1100 RPM.[/*:m:3unnigz3]
  • Ease of use - They both have tool less 3.5"/5.25" drive bays, but the ATCS 840 has a slide out MOBO tray which is a huge plus. The HAF 932 has tool less expansion slots unlike the ATCS 840, which can also use screws. The ATCS 840 uses regular screws, but they are accessed outside of the case.[/*:m:3unnigz3]
  • Size - this can go both ways. The ATCS 840 is a lot larger, but it can be too large for some.[/*:m:3unnigz3]
  • Price - the ATCS 840 costs around $50 USD more.[/*:m:3unnigz3]

Size Difference:

HAF 932

ATCS 840
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More info on these cases and more

CM STACKER 830 Deal - $199.99! Normal price is around $259.99 for this special edition case. ... Tpk=nv-830

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