The Mysterious Stranger  


I don't like introductions. But I figured better late than never. And this is what you need to know about me.

My name is Agon Eous. I currently reside in Israel. Though originally of Russian descent (born and raised for a significant portion of my life). Male and 22 years of age.

Main interests: information systems, business intelligence, psychology, philosophy, music, and gaming.
Main dislikes: prejudice, intolerance, and those lacking in conscience, ethics, morals, or intellect.
I am: a fanatical perfectionist, eager to help when needed, and a knowledge-vampire.

Any questions?

Edit: Just noticed that I fucked up the title. I'm a grammar-nazi myself, so this is kind of a big deal for me. Someone fix this - preferably a mod.

Posted : 30/09/2012 7:34 pm


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