Remember Me?  


So, like, this one time, I used to post on here, like, a lot. Um, yeah, that's my story.

No but seriously, I'm back. I can't say I'll be posting on here all the time, but it'll be more frequently than it has in the past few...months. Anyway, I figured another intro thread was in order since it's been a while, and there are probably new users who've never even heard of me. My original introduction thread didn't really say much about me, and it looks like this one isn't about to either. Instead, how about a story?

Once upon a time, I had a computer. That computer had a really small Kingston SSDNow 30GB drive. Eventually, I found an Intel 520 Cherryville 120GB SSD on sale, and bought it. Not long after this, one of the sticks of RAM in the computer went out. What does any logical person do? Well, of course, install the motherboard's maximum accepted amount of RAM, 24GB in this case. So, I did. Then there was the matter of needing a new keyboard. The Corsair K90 was an appealing option, what with the MX Cherry Red mechanical switches (even though the F# and macro keys are rubber domes). The back lighting and elevated keys are the shit.

So, that about sums up all of the computer stuff I've picked up since I was last around. What's up with you, GND?

EDIT: If you hate me, blame Enad. He brought me back...

Posted : 27/09/2012 11:04 pm


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