Prashant Boorugu..Introduction  

Prashant Boorugu
New to GND-Tech

Hello let me introduce myself first.. I am Preshant Boorugu
Engineer by qualitfication, Studied in the US completing masters
followed by work as a software engineer/consultant in the USA with
experience of over 6 years. Returned to india in 2002, Ventured
into business in Sugar, Textiles and Ferroalloys. Taken over a
company Rama Qualitex Ltd with Looms of world renowned Sulzer and
Picanol Airjet looms in the year 2004/5 venturing into
manufacturing. In 2006, setup a Singapore Subsidiary Atlanta
Natural Resources Limited. In 2007, A Turkey Subsidiary for Chrome
and Manganese Mines was setup and Mines acquired in Turkey.
Followed by Merger in 2008/9 of SPS Textiles Ltd, Purchase of
Steel Unit in Andhra Pradesh as an ongoing concern followed by
acquisition of a Ferro Alloys namely Cronimet Alloys India Limited
later renamed as Metkore alloys and Industries Limited having a
furnace capacity of 15 MVA. Further acquisition of 28 Mva Furnaces
capacity of a unit in West Bengal is underway.

Posted : 01/10/2014 6:25 am


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