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Hey all, trying to spice it up around here so we've come together and made this here thingamabob where you can find out who we are.

Enad- Dane


BIO: Born from the ripe apple tree called God, I knew at a young age I was going to devote my life to something important. When I was just 21 years old my mother gave me THE BOOK OF MORMON (the picture was the day I received it).
My life is devoted to God and the thought of him pleasures me while I sleep.

Strudinox- Timothy


BIO: Wee little Timothy was born in a small shire in Scottland. He skidattled to America with his parents at the ripe age of 7. Tim has since grown up and become the proud father of 23 children, all of which named traditional African names.
Recently, Tim has been infected by a mind destroying virus called Bot. He will slowly destroy GND with Spam Bots and other demonic acts similar to that.

Jester- Jason 'Jesty'


BIO: Jason is a young puerto rican female looking for love in all the wrong places. Jason first started his pursuit for love in videos games, such as S.T.A.L.K.E.R., a game with such a name may cause some raised eye brows, but nothing could stop Jasons thirst for love. When not finding what he need in video games, he found what he was looking for in forums.
This was his first post on his first forum, GND-Tech.

Hi, I am Jason resident of United States of America willingly want to be a member of forums because the benefits of associating with forums are immense and invincible. If you are stranded somewhere in between the course of your action, you can contact forums for additional help."



BIO: Born in some insignificant place in the UK, JOEEGAMING was determined to make himself an IMPORTANT person in life. At the mere age of 15, this dream came true. Joe is currently a VIP in all of Germany, CEO of DICE and pre-alpha dev tester on all Crytek games. He's made many trips to Germany and Sweden, as he is a very important person. Things can only go up for Joe.




BIO: Good Old Scottie is a world renowned chef at such cuisines as Lobster Inn, Olive Garden, and Red Robins. In his life of work he has to deal with many women that he considers 'aggro'. This is a famous quote of him, etched onto a corpse of a female employee that has yet to be discovered..
"i've known girls like this. nuthin but agro. St Marks Place in East Village, The Bank on Houston Street in Alphabet City and the end of Bleecker Street down by the Bowery where CBGB's used to be, used to have millions of em swarming around. it was actually passe by the 90's."

Posted : 19/07/2012 6:41 pm

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