Intro to the Oregon Slacker aka Slackin  

New to GND-Tech

Hello everyone Oregon Slacker here, also known as Slackin or Shane Dickson

Sorry for the delay was at a Lan event called GNWLan Last weekend, so without further hesitation here goes.

I created Slackin as a gaming name about 20 years ago and have used it ever since,
unfortunately some people have decided they love that name as well, so to become
unique and still have an original login name for boards requiring so, Oregon Slacker was born.

I'm a social media evangelist, loving many computer companies who prove loyal to
their fans, customers and the gaming community. I used to program everyday working for a company
called corrilian in Hillsboro Oregon, I helped give your everyday bank or credit union give its cutomers web access to their accounts, while their I spend most of the time programming interfaces between host bank systems and our own 3 tiered server solution.

Now adays I spend my time doing computer build and other jobs when I come across them running my own small time business. I also work at a restaurant and hopefully soon a financial company to help make the ends meet. Between those times I formerly found time to write for a few review sites, including Gamers Daily News, and eTeknix. Now a days I offer advice when I can, and if not that I'm playing some first person shooter video game, most likely BF3.

Posted : 01/10/2012 4:43 pm


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