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Hello guys.  

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Then go and buy it. Its a Samsung SyncMaster 2343BWX
But I actually wouldn't recommend getting this unless you have a high end system like me because playing at anything lower then the native resolution(2048X1152) looks fuzzy and bad. I have a 4870X2 and im not getting any lag in Crysis, FPS is 35-45 FPS so im extremely happy about that! Though ArmA II is a different story. 🙁 And thats the game I bought the monitor for...Oh well, 25 FPS is better than 10. Still seems decently smooth to me, im not bothered by it.
If you want a really good monitor, get the Samsung SyncMaster(Or ToC) 22" Monitor, its res is 1680X1050. So people with slightly less powerful systems then mine, can play most game maxed out.
Oh and just something funny I noticed, I get over 100 FPS always in COD4 at this res...Lol its so good.

Topic starter Posted : 23/06/2009 3:48 pm