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Hello guys.  

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I-E-D wrote:
Whoa, thats a lot of pixels, you must be loaded :shock:.

What FPS do you get?

No I just have a job. And it wasn't alot of money at all, it was $230...

In Crysis, Depends on the level really, Id say 20-35 FPS. I dont really care if its low, it seems smooth and its amazing that my PC can actually handle it so Im very happy with 25 FPS, as long as it seems smooth.

Other games, virtually the same as at 1440X900, its so smooth, I dont notice any FPS drop.

As for ArmA II, I haven't got the game yet so Ill tel you about it once I get it. Im praying for it to run good at 1920X1200 or 2048X1152!!

Topic starter Posted : 23/06/2009 3:48 pm