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Hello guys.  

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darkninja_XI wrote:
Genreal lol


Jester wrote:
Enad wrote:
Jester wrote:
Hey Enad. Nice to see you here.


Hey man, same to you! 🙂
Thought you might want to know that I am now enjoying Crysis at 2480X1152. Pretty damn awesome! :square:


Quite the upgrade isn't it? ❗

Yes! Everything looks....Amazing!! Its fucking awesome! Crysis is 10 times more beautiful! I bought it mainly for ArmA II, Im hoping it runs on my system at 2048X1152 or 1920X1200, if not Im going to purchase a second 4870X2! By the way, you think a 1000-Watt can handle that? I saw a guy from tigerdirect doing two 4870X2's with a 550watt....

darkninja_XI wrote:
what size monitor do you have lol

23" Its much bigger than I expected it to be! Very cool!

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