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Hello and suggestion  


I like the old guns in 5 better too lol.. The only thing i like better about the guns in 4 is that the way they shoot and recoil is a little more realistic. Some of the old rifles from 5 shoot too fast in my opinion. But I love the gameplay in 5.

My favorite map in Modern warfare is Crossfire. It is an amazing layout, and I get to kill campers frequently 😉 Dude, configure your e key as the knife, and change lean right to v. just try that out for a few rounds on your best played map and you might be shocked with the results.

I used to play the old CS 1.6, then because of hackers i stopped for years. Now I got re-addicted to CSS recently and I play on 2 servers that I know people spectate and ban hackers.


We should probably continue this in the games thread, sorry for going off topic here already! =p

Posted : 04/05/2009 11:15 pm