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How to update BIOS in windows.  


I think you are going to have to do a bios update via usb or floppy (gah)

Check the ECS site for ACCURATE instructions.

PRINT the instructions out.

Follow them EXACTLY

and if you are lucky and the BIOS gods find your offering will have a successful flash.

Is something broken? or does the update provide a serious upgrade benefit. Just asking because occasionally it is better to not and all is well then to try and brick your rig.

While you are at it surf up the ECS forums (if they have any) or any other ECS "enthusiast" site to suss out the experiences with

Flashing in general, tips trick and don not dos

What other exp has been had with the particular upgrade you want to perform.

Trust me with flashing you WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. bricked electronics are a PITA.

Good luck.

Posted : 22/01/2010 7:25 pm

If you motherboad support ASUS EZFlash you can put in you flash drive (FAT) and select the ROM file from there.

Check your Bio under the Tool Menu whether there are EZFlash Tools.

Try at your own risk !

Posted : 28/06/2011 9:15 am