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I-E-D wrote:
You can. As the i7 860 (the i5 version) is similar to the i7 920 😀

You're comparing processors. You can compare the performance, but you can't compare the motherboards since they use different CPUs. What are you going to compare? Overclocking potential? It doesn't matter, with LGA 1156 processors, the amount of PCI-E lanes are limited, which is why the P55 boards don't have anymore than one x16 slot and they have x4 slots, unless they have the NF200 chip. So LGA 1366 i7 performance will always be best with multiple GPU setups. With single GPU setups, the difference is a lot less noticeable, but again, not comparing the motherboards...

I-E-D wrote:
i7 860 (the i5 version)


Topic starter Posted : 07/09/2009 11:06 pm