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EVGA Does It Again

MpoweR wrote:
Why would u buy a machine like that, that will own ass on any game and dedicate it to folding ?! Thats just ..... stupied i think.... Or do you mean dedicate half of it ? I didnt quite get you there Darken ?

I currently fold and game on my system at the same time, main video card PCIe 16X SLI games.
Second video card PCIe 8X Folds,also 4 CPU cores fold and the other four run the game.

Now you tell me how many games use 4 or more CPU cores? so you would have 20 cores just sitting idle.

How many SkullTrail system's have you seen, it was a Failed.

Thats why i say this would be a Folder's Dream board.

As far as this comment (..... stupied i think.... )

Topic starter Posted : 01/01/2010 12:04 pm