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Projekt Nbox Modz  

Leveling Up

June 9th, 2011

So I decided that it was finally time that I start doing little modz here n there on this lil monster and of course I'm going to post them ALL in THIS thread ONLY. I don't want to create a new thread every single time I do something new to this machine, I'm not a big fan of disorganization or wasting things, such as space (web, HDD, etc.). Anyway, I've already started doing some here n there, and will update as often as I can. My resources are extremely limited, so I make due for now with what I have on-hand.

1st mod (minor): I took out the foam filters in the front drive bays and replaced them with UV GREEN card stock, and backed them with cardboard. From the outside (where it counts most!) one can't even tell. I got tired of those pesky "filters" collecting tons of dust and serving me no positive purpose whatsoever. All they did was let dust get sucked in from more places than necessary (is it ever really necessary actually? lol).

2nd Mod (major/moderate): A current work-in-progress. I'm really going to take my time with this one and figure out the absolute best approaches all-around. I've decided, per necessity and recommendation (lol), to make a fan shroud for the 120mm Yate-Loon side panel fan on the left side panel. When I installed the fan initially, I had to take off the steel mesh grill/filter that was on it, due to the fan noise, excessive heat issues and the fan having to work harder than necessary. The big issue here, however, is that it's very annoying how much dust this thing sucks into this machine! The fan is mounted in the perfect spot to pull air straight in between the dual 8800GTX's I have installed (the bottom GTX gets it's cool air from a bottom-mounted 92mm CM fan on the case, which sucks air up from underneath the case). So far, this is what I have.
This pic displays it's purpose, lol


Here's what I'll be using as the primary functional piece for this shroud and filter setup, an empty cake box from a 25-pack of DVD+R (and quite possibly the clear disc protector from the bottom of the spindle)


This is the cake box disassembled, all 3 pieces displayed


I took off the side panel and then took the fan off as well, which currently I have mounted with vinyl push-rivets. BUT I'll end up screwing this whole thing to the panel and fan once finished, it's the only way it'll work and I'm ok with that 🙂 After I took it apart, I cleaned it and then traced the holes carefully (had to push down a lot cuz of the vinyl push-rivets holding the window in, which is how it comes in-box).


Finally, after a lot of careful deliberation, drawing, tracing and measuring, I was able to come up with this. I also, with the aforementioned process, put the measurements for the spindle base (for the cake box) on there as well, which you can see in the pic. I made numeric notations as well and a general focus notation or 2 🙂


More to come soon, hopefully. This is going to be a slow and time-consuming projekt work, mostly due to my limited resources (I'm currently unemployed and my family and I have to presently rely on my wife's income only for the time being). I'm also going to be taking a lot of time to work on conceptual work for this, as I've not fully settled on exactly where to go with this. All I know is that it's going to have a removable filter, holes for the air to flow (from outside, thru the filter, and to the fan), and will be black and Lime/UV GREEN. I'm not 100% on all materials either.

Btw, the main reason I'm going with the cake box is that it's an abundance that we have here, though this is the only one of this small a size (would've liked smaller actually, but oh well), but the other big reason is it's ease-of-use. I can twist it on n off when I need to clean it and/or replace the filter.

June 29th, 2011

Ok guys n gals, I have a small but slightly important update tonight/this am, lol.

I made the proper adjustments to the diagram, as having only 4 cog blades didn't really make any sense, and I didn't want this to be anything plain or ordinary, so i went with 8, especially for symmetry. 1 of my inspirations, but only on the cog type is the Gears of War logo, but again, as I said, it's just the cog style/type. Standard round w/8 blades. Anyway, it also is originally the inspiration for my gaming clan's emblem, of which I'm also currently working on a new design for, but my avatar is what we've used for awhile now, but I feel it needs to be something completely original, wherein the current one is actually the logo for Timesplitters 4 (or was supposed to be anyway), and was a parody image of the GoW logo. I'm still going to use the 8-bladed round cog, however I'll be reinventing the logo to something totally original, that's only been inspired by the GoW and TS4 logos.

Well, on with the show. First up, I have a couple of scans of the revised cog diagram.
A somewhat dulled-down image, but shows more of the actual image all-around:

A better defined, sharper image, showing more details of the outside and the design of the blades w/mounting holes:

Next we have pix of the diagram refresh next to the cardstock copy, before I cut the copy out with my exacto, upon which I then mounted it for display:

After I cut it out:

2 shots of the cog wheel mounted alone w/vinyl push rivets.
Slightly more afar, angled:

Slightly closer, more direct:

Finally, I have pix of the mounted cardstock cog, along with the cakebox set n top of it to show what it looks like so far. Note that I'm not using the cardstock for final result, but am just using it now to give myself and you (the audience) a better understanding and fresh mindset of what I'm doing with this.
And now, some pix, from left side view to right side view, of the cog wheel w/cakebox:

That's it for now folks, but it is coming along. With the way the weather's supposed to be, I'm hoping to make a few trips to storage this Tuesday or Wednesday, especially since this past Friday the weather sucked. As soon as i can, I have to get a lot of things out to sell in a yard sale and also stuff to mod with, but it's going to be tough if I can't get a new drill, cuz I'll need one to do any more modding, and heck, to even do housework n repairs. Anyhoo, I'll update this as often as I possibly can, but for now, thanks for watching!

July 1st, 2011

Well, a slight update, but one I'm not too happy to report on. We went to storage yesterday, and well, we're rather miffed about it. All things looked great at first, until we realized that we ended up losing a couch, an end table (goes with bedroom set, 1 is fine, the other is not), a tv stand a tv cart, plus a couple of boxes of boxed foods that we were temporarily storing until yesterday when we planned on bringing it home... all to mildew. That's what we've found so far, and we're only 50% of the way in. Called the Storage owner and they came out, we found out the source of the issue and they're supposed to be fixing it, but the big issues are now these:
1: they're letting us take another unit that's better designed... but 7 units away from the current one, of which we have to move all of our stuff from old one to new one.
2: That doesn't help to account for the losses thus far, and potential loss that we've yet to find.

The couch is pretty much ruined, even tho it appears that only 1 corner is affected, it's a fabric-covered couch and I don't trust that the rest of it's ok now that this has happened, and I really liked that couch, it's very comfy! The TV stand and cart i was actually going to sell in the yard sale, and the end tables were going to be brought home with us too, and aren't made any more, so I can't just go and get another one. It's a 6-yr-old bedroom set. I'm just glad that so far that's all, but all the PC cases I had in there have to be cleaned now cuz of mildew, as well as 1 of the fully-functioning Athlon XP machines I have in there too, there's mildew ALL OVER the inside of it, which will be a very tedious cleaning process, and I'm NOT looking forward to it whatsoever.

On a lighter note, I DID find some of the things, but not all of, what I went there looking for. Threw away some things that needed thrown away, and we were able to start sorting thru stuff finally, but this mildew issue is a major setback. Oh, and they're letting us use both units til we can get it all moved and it's all fixed, but there's no way I'm moving it back to the other unit, and we also are being given free storage rental for now. I'm not looking forward to seeing what other damage may have been done, but so far I'm doing my best to be optimistic, really I am.

July 8th, 2011

"Oh Meatwaaaaaad, it's uuuuupdaaaaate tiiiiiime!!!" lol

Anyway, how y'all doing today? I'm doing pretty ok. We spent Wednesday going thru storage again, and I have mostly good news to report. While there was more loss due to mildew, it was pretty minimal and I was able to save the vast majority of my belongings. Plus, we were able to go thru n sort thru my stuff a lot more as well. There's still a LOT that has to be done, but my fiance and I are pushing really hard to get as much done as fast as we can do it.

Furthermore, I was able to find my UV green acrylic circles (woot!), as well as numerous other things. I'm hoping to be able to update this thread with a more finished shroud very soon, but due to all that has to be done in storage and here at home, it's gonna likely be a lil while. Rest assured, however, it will be done. I'm so tired of having to leave projects unfinished when it comes to my own stuff.

And now for some teaser pics, sorta 😉

This 1st pic is of the stack of 7 acrylic discs I have in UV green. Note how the light illuminates the top one's edge. I plan to experiment with this a little bit with 1 of these discs due to it already being cracked in a way that won't allow me to use it in this particular projekt component anyway. You'll see what I mean when I post about it later on. My goal is to have the UV green acrylic not only illuminate in green, but also to be opaque or at least between opaque and translucent. Currently it's more transparent, and that simply just won't do for this particular need. Anyway, here's pic #1:

Pic #2 is me holding 1 of the discs to where one can get a view of the edge. Also included are the diagram and paper of which I'm laying it all out upon for this particular viewing.

Pic #3 is of the disc lying flat on top of the green cut-out diagram I've used for the template-of-sorts:

Pix 4 and 5 are just 2 different angles showing an idea of how it looks thus far with the cakebox sitting atop the acrylic circle, with the green cut-out underneath it, to show the gear design.

Thanks for tuning in!

Posted : 07/07/2011 11:57 pm

nice ! i like the 'recycle the dvd container' concept and it look's sharp. 😎
def0 + 1 repski.

Posted : 08/07/2011 12:02 am
Leveling Up

Much thanks bro!

Posted : 08/07/2011 12:08 am
BOT Admin

Wow really good work! Youd id it much more accurately than I would have done! +REP!

Posted : 08/07/2011 8:55 am

Wow, awesome work!

Posted : 08/07/2011 9:15 am
Leveling Up

Much thanks guys :D. @Strudinox, if you're talkiong about in general, then thanks, if you're referring to cutting the circles, I got them like that (have 4 different colors I believe), as I used to work at Walmart, and when they upgraded the MP3/media player cabinets, I got to take these home instead of them just trashing them. Regardless, much thanks to everyone!

Posted : 08/07/2011 10:41 am
New to GND-Tech

Nice work thanks for the share!

Posted : 26/07/2011 2:08 pm
Leveling Up

Thanks again, I've had to take a minor break on this projekt for a bit, so that we can get some more immediately important things taken care of, plus this week's fair week (yuck, I h8 the traffic!), and the weather's been just crap, plus my fiance just had a few days of vacation too. Will update this as soon as I can do anything more on it, thanks!

Posted : 26/07/2011 8:27 pm
Leveling Up

Just a small update here.

This projekt is not dead by any means, it's on temporary hiatus, however. I hate doing that, but it happens all too often when one doesn't have the time, money, or especially in my case where it's both and on top of that, I recently got sick too 🙁 I'm still dealing with it, not sure if it's just a cold or the flu or what, but it sucks regardless.

Just thought I'd give peeps a heads-up, thanks for checking it out! Later peeps!

Posted : 08/09/2011 1:44 pm