Peltier Cooling any...

Peltier Cooling anyone?  


Hey guys, I just bought some peltier coolers for 2 bucks on ebay.. 154W a pop. Some people have tried using them to cool CPUs.. I was thinking of giving it a shot on a cheap system first. The only problem is they're quite inefficient and produce lots of heat. I may have to buy a temperature regulator as well, which should keep the power usage to a minimum.

Here is my elaborate plan:

Seriously though, It sounds crazy but it may actually work. The key is bringing down the condensation to a minimum.. so long as it isn't too cold that shouldn't be a problem, the point is to keep the CPU at a low temperature, not freeze it..

I tested one without a CPU on a Primaloft Megahalem V2 with a decent fan. After a minute it was quite warm. It doesn't overheat, but still. After installing the power of the fan to the PCI 4 pins (12v 32amp i think) it dropped it down quite a lot. As you can imagine it's also very loud. Watercooling might solve this, though getting that on the cooler will certainly be a challenge, if not impossible.

What say you?

Posted : 05/10/2012 9:22 pm


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