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You're probably here because you saw that broadcast on the server saying all the warps were being deleted. That's not 100% true, but I wanted to grab your attention so you'd come read through this post. READ THE ENTIRE POST! There's a lot of info here and we're not responsible if you are affected by these upcoming changes and didn't know they were happening. We're doing everything we can to notify players about these changes.

After making a lot of progress into the warp clean up this last week it's become apparent that this cleanup project alone will not achieve the results we were hoping for. We've brainstormed some ideas and will be moving forward with a second cleanup phase on July 9th - 10th. This phase will be much more dramatic than the first cleanup attempt, and will also have additional rules go into effect immediately to help facilitate the cleanup process.

This new system will keep things much more organized, make places easier to find and use, as well as give users a greater degree of privacy with areas they don't want other people accessing. No one, not even strudinox himself, will be exempt from this new system. We'll start out with the new rules around warps and the requirements we will be imposing on players we give warps to, as well as rules around personal portal hubs. After we go through the rules I'll explain how this new system works and why it's vastly better than the one we're currently using.


1 - Players, no matter what rank, are limited to ONE warp each. No exceptions.

2 - The name for a player's warp point MUST be the players FULL name. No partial names. This is to avoid confusion between players with similar names.

3 - Warp points must be placed in the appropriate owners protected region. A player cannot have a warp in another players protected region without permission given from the region owner.

4 - ALL warp points are considered public and anyone can use a warp point


1 - Players, no matter what rank, are limited to TWO personal portal hubs each. No exceptions.

2 - Portal hubs must be built by the player. The staff will not build portal hubs for you.

3 - Portal hubs MUST be built in that players protected region. This is to prevent griefers from destroying your portal frames.

4 - Portal destinations cannot be at a location owned by another player without first getting their permission.

5 - There is currently NO LIMIT to the number of portals a player can have.

So now I'm sure you're wondering, what makes this a better system? I like the warp system we have now! We'll let me break it down for you.

The first thing we're going to do is create a series of public portal hubs that will end up replacing the portal hub we have now. These new hubs will be more specific in terms of the kinds of destinations the portals in them go to. For example: We will have a warp set as /warp shop, that warp will take you to the public portal hub for the shops other players have on the server. Pretty cool right? All the shops conveniently located in one place. It will be the same for the other public portal hubs we will setup for various destinations like parkours, mob grinders, cities/towns/villages and any other destination hubs we end up needing.

That system alone will make this MUCH more organized and make it much easier for players to find the places they are interested in checking out. It should also bring your shops more business as well. But we're not stopping there, no, we're letting players have their own personal portal hubs. And not just one hub, but two! How generous are we?!

Here's how we recommend having your portal hubs setup. Take that single warp point we allow you and set it at one of your portal hubs. Then have that hub filled up with portals to your other areas that you want other players to have access to. You can even put portals in there that are already in the other public portals hubs. When players want to check out what you've built so far they just warp to your name and can then go through the portals you have there to see all of the stuff you want them to be able to see.

Now, why did we let you have a second portal hub? This decision was made entirely to benefit the players, because setting up portals is a lot more work for the staff. We understand however, that there are some places you don't want everyone to be able to access. This is where your second portal hub comes in. The very best way to secure your second hub to keep other players from accessing it is to build it in a protected region that only you are the owner of, with no members, and set your home location there using /sethome That will prevent any non-staff members from being able to access that portal hub. For those of you with friends that you trust enough to give access to your more private areas, I recommend either having them link to your private hub (with permission of course) or building your second hub with a secrete entrance and only telling the people you want to have access to it how to get inside. Once you have this second secrete hub setup, notify the staff and we'll activate the portals for you.

Players will be required to build their own portal hubs, this may change in the future and we'll sell prefabricated portal hubs built out of common materials, but that hasn't been decided on. We will hammer out the details for this shortly and inform you on the decision we reach.

With all of that being laid out, I'm really exited to move forward with this project. I'm working with the staff on getting them all trained on how to create and manage portals for you guys and expect to have that training completed within 2 weeks, by then any moderator or admin should be able to help setup these portals for you. They also have standing instructions to assist with these portal hubs as soon as they possibly can, but please be patient if they are unable to assist you right away. sargeantsimon, strudinox and myself are all usually working on other server related projects, so we ask that you please try to get assistance from another staff member before coming to us.

Lastly, the actual warp cleanup will happen July 9-10. I will be going through and deleted ALL the warps that aren't a player's full name, meaning if you have a portal hub setup before this cleanup happens, you will be safe and your warp will not be deleted at that time. If it get deleted accidently, I will have a back up of all the warps and will be able to restore anything caught in the cross fire. Between now and the next cleanup the staff and myself will be constructing the new public portal hubs, and systematically going through the warps to add existing shops, farms, parkours, mob grinders, etc, to the appropriate portal hubs.

If you have any questions around this, please ask in this thread. Do not ask me in game, I will refer you back to this post.


After discussing things with the powers that be, it's been decided that all portals in both the public and private hubs will be one way portals only. The reason for this is that this new system is going to take a lot more of the staff's time away from other projects and responsibilities. Setting up portals is considerably more complicated and time consuming than setting warps, but we're doing it to stay more organized and have it much easier to get around without cluttering up the online map.

Posted : 23/05/2013 12:29 pm


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