[Sticky] Trusted Rank FAQ [Updated 1-22-13]  

Leveling Up

For those interested in becoming part of the Trusted user group, the best advice I have for you is to read through this and act accordingly. Please don't ask to be added to this group, that is something we decide on a case by case basis.

As a Trusted user, we are going to hold you to a higher standard than we would a regular member. You're expected to be setting a good example for the rest of the players. We didn't give you the trusted rank just so you could teleport around the map and change the time of day. The admins and moderators can't be on all the time to show the rest of the members how to act, so we're relying on the trusted members to be that shining light for us. When you don't set a good example for the rest of the players, it gives them the impression that it's okay to act however they'd like. We want to foster a polite and pleasant atmosphere for everything, so it's imperative that you, as a Trusted user, lead by example.

Keep in mind this list is not all inclusive, and changes can be made without notice. So be sure to check back frequently.

Things that ARE NOT okay:

-Using your access to the /time command to change the time repeatedly over and over again in succession
-Swearing in chat
-Spamming in chat
-Impersonating, mocking or otherwise belittling any other player in chat
-Fighting with the mods or admins in chat over a decision they made
-Any other abuse of your position

Things that ARE okay

-Using your access to the /teleport command to assist other members, or help them move around the map, with their permission
-Using your access to the /time command to change it to night or day at another members request as long as it doesn't conflict with what the mods or admins are doing
-Politely warning other users using foul language, spamming or otherwise abusing chat privileges.

Keep in mind that being a Trusted user is a privilege, NOT a right. If we feel you aren't living up to the expectations we have for Trusted users we can, and will, bump you back down to a regular member without warning. Don't let the [Trusted] next to your name go to your head and start acting like you own the place and can do whatever you want. You're a guest in Studinox's wonderful little digital world, be respectful of that.

Last, but not least, I've noticed a HUGE lack of respect for the staff managing the server (Minus Strudinox, you all love him to pieces) I've noticed this from a number of specific players, both trusted and members, but I've been kind enough to let the majority of them slide. I won't name name's, but you should know that we're watching you and further lack of respect for the staff and the decisions they make will result in getting busted back down to member status.

If you have any questions or concerns you are more than welcome to address them here in this thread, or contact me in game. Please note however, I will not participate in an argument using the in game chat system.

"That's all fine and dandy, but what can I do once I get get promoted to Trusted status?" You ask? Well, let's run down the list of perks available to you shall we?

/itemdb -- this command will give you information on the item/block you're holding in your hand. Think it's dumb? Well, if you use it on a tool it will tell you how many uses that tool has left, that's pretty handy!

/workbench -- this brings up a crafting table window, without the need of having a crafting table. Nice to have when your pick breaks and you don't want to go home to make another one.

/enderchest -- One of my favorite new additions for you guys, this will bring up an enderchest window, without needing to carry around an enderchest with you. Extra inventory space! Yay!

/time -- Lets you change the time of day. As listed earlier in this post, abusing this command will get it taken away from you.

/ptime -- This one is cool as it lets you change the time for just you, pretty cool so if you want to see something at night without upsetting everyone that wants it day you can change it for yourself only (WARNING: Mobs will act according to the server time, not your ptime, meaning if you're on ptime, Mobs can spawn during the day, and will not burn, so keep your wits around you when using this.)

/fly -- One of everyone's favorite perks, this lets you fly around as if you were in creative mode. Make building much much easier. If, for some reason, you want to stop flying, use the command /stopfly

You also have access to a variety of flags to use in your protected region. What are flags? Well, they have convieniently been explained in depth in another post already that you can find here.

Also, really cool feature starting 1-23-2013, Trusted users will be able to set up to 3 different home locations! You'll accomplish this by doing /sethome and you'll get to them by running /home

If you have additional questions about the Trusted rank, feel free to ask!

Posted : 04/10/2012 10:43 am