The Shops Portal Hub is Open!  

Leveling Up

Have a shop you want people to be able to access? Well, the portal hub specifically for shops is now officially open! Now you can sell your stuff, and even better, you can sell things even when you're not online!

So, here's what you need to know about the Shops portal hub.

First, to get to the new Hub, simply warp to "shop" (IE: /warp shop)
This will take you to the new hub, a nice Greek themed temple looking building. Inside there is a ring of portal frames on the outside walls, and a room in the middle with a handful convenient shopkeepers that will exchange various items for emeralds for you, and vice versa, as well as one special shopkeeper selling supplies that you'll find helpful in setting up your shops, most importantly, villager spawn eggs so you can setup your own shopkeepers to manage selling your items for you when you're off line. There are 26 portal frames in this hub, if we get to the point where we run out of frames we will remove any inactive/out of stock stores to make room for other people. If things get so big that that is no longer an option we will expand the hub to include more portal frames, though we don't foresee that ever becoming an issue.

To get a portal to your shop in the hub you'll need to have a shopkeeper managing your shop for you. If you don't have a shopkeeper in your shop, then you won't be getting a portal. The reason for this is the shopkeeper will let players purchase items from you while you're offline. If you don't have a shopkeeper, then you can only sell items while you're online. This means if you want to run a shop without having a shopkeeper then you, or your employees, will need to be online to sell the items, running a shop this way doesn't require a portal, as you can have players simply /tpa to you while you're selling your items. If you need help setting up a shopkeeper you can ask a staff member for help, or view this post (post has not been written yet, coming soon)

It's worth noting that when using shopkeepers the economy revolves around emeralds. Items are bought using emeralds, and when someone sells a shopkeeper something they get emeralds in return. We are not going to change this. If you find yourself with an excess of emeralds you can exchange them for diamonds, gold, lapis, quartz and iron at the portal hub, or go searching through the player shops for items to buy.

Once you have a shopkeeper setup and ready to sell your items, let a staff member know and we'll get a portal to your shop setup in the hub. We'll also setup signs letting players know who's shop each portal goes to and what kinds of items they can find there (provided you have a specific shop)

Until further notice, and until we are able to see how popular this new system is going to be, players are limited to ONE shop portal each. So if you have more than one shop, or one kind of shop either build them all in close proximity to each other, condense them down to one, or chose which one you want to use as your main shop.

Any questions? Please ask them here!

Posted : 03/06/2013 2:49 pm


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