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People have had a lot of questions about creating, finding, and using shops. So, I've decided to create a giant shopping center in the end. Why the end? 'Cause I felt like it. And it'll help us find those that haven't yet gotten permission to build there. Anyway, it's got a rather simple system: rent a space for a month and sell things from that space. The Endconomy is broken into 11 districts, each with a category of goods that you can sell there. I'll put a list of what types of things can be sold in each of these districts in a bit.

The Endconomy can be reached through the portal hub (phub). The portal is on the second floor, made out of oak logs, and is labeled "Endconomy Shopping Center." There is now also a warp to it, /warp EndCon, or /warp ecpk to go straight to the parkour.

The rules are simple, but important. :rules:
1. All server rules apply here. No griefing, unsolicited PvP, etc.
2. Spaces will be rented from sargeantsimon for one month. The price for a given space is listed on that space, in emeralds. You may only reserve a space one month in advance.
3. You may rent any number of unrented spaces, but you may not rent all the spaces in a given district.
4. When your rent is up, you must rent again or move out within a week. Anything left after a week may be confiscated.
5. Currency may now be whatever you like! Using the Shopkeepers plugin will facilitate this a lot. It will make things easier for you and allow others to purchase things when you are not online. Visit or for more information about how to use this plugin.
6. You may alter the space you rent however you like, except that you may not alter the building itself or use anything that creates fire without permission from sargeantsimon.
7. Please only sell items related to your district.
8. You may post on your district's message board, announcing sales and the like, but please do not spam it. These boards will be moderated. Do not post anything that might be offensive.
9. Do not bring any hostile mobs into the Endconomy, and please don't attack any other mobs.

The rules are listed in abbreviated form in District 1.

Here's some selling tips:
1. Advertise! Don't spam anything, but you're welcome to post information about your sales here, or offer to sell things to people that ask about them.
2. Make your space interesting. The spaces are all identical to other buildings in the district. Make yours stand out.
3. Offer use of things for purchases, like a free anvil use or furnace use with some purchases.
4. Implement the shopkeepers plugin. This is hard to use if you don't know what it is, so you should take a look at the sites listed above. I will help you if you need it, as this plugin can be confusing at times, but is quite a valuable tool. It should be noted that the villager eggs required for the plugin can be purchased at the warp to the Endconomy, /warp EndCon, and at Kharbranth Pets, /warp kharbranth and find the building with the giant wool dog, for the same price.
5. Offer competitive pricing. Sell for less than your fellow shop owners.

The districts are as follows:
District 1: The Center. There are no shops here, it is just the main display and center of the Endconomy.
District 2: Tools. Sell any kind of tool here. This includes axes, shovels, pickaxes, flint and steel, clocks, compasses, fishing rods, shears, and hoes.
District 3: Crafting Materials. There's a lot you can sell here. Basically, if it's used in crafting, you can sell it here. Stuff like sticks, planks, diamonds, ingots, string, etc.
District 4: Redstone. Sell anything related to redstone. This includes redstone, redstone torches, powered rails, detector rails, buttons, levers, redstone lamps, pistons, etc.
District 5: Combat. Sell anything related to combat here. All kinds of weapons and armors, enchanted or otherwise, along with the various colors of leather armor can be sold here. Indirect weapons such as flint and steel and tnt can also be sold here.
District 6: Gardening. Sell anything related to farming or plants here. Saplings, leaves, flowers, seeds, wheat, melons, grass, dead shrubs, whatever you can find. You can also sell buckets, water buckets, hoes, and other farming related things.
District 7: Miscellaneous. Because it doesn't fit anywhere else.
District 8: Decoration. Sell anything that can be used for decoration other than building blocks. Sell things like flowers, flowerpots, paintings, item frames, mob heads, mushrooms, saplings, glass panes, and iron bars.
District 9: Food court. This one's simple: sell food. Anything edible. Don't sell splash potions.
District 10: General Magics. Sell anything related to magic. Enchanted items, an enchanting service, potions, brewing supplies, enchanting tables, bookshelves, and the like.
District 11: Building blocks. Sell any of the things that can be used for building. Wood, stone, cobble, dirt, bookshelves, ore blocks, all kinds of things!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Posted : 02/12/2012 7:55 pm


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