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The Builder Contest!  

Leveling Up

Ah, May. Plenty of Spring to go around, allergies hitting in full force, and the bees are coming out of hiding. Despite this, somehow it's considered a blessed time of year. Probably something to do with not being coated in snow anymore. In any case, let's get building!

Of note: The red section is being reserved for staff members this month. They will not be able to receive prizes from the contest.


  • All server rules apply to the Builder Contest, e.g. do not build anything that could be considered offensive.
  • Only use items that were obtained legitimately by you or another player.
  • Do not purchase more than one builder plot. Violating this rule will disqualify you for the current and next competitions.
  • Reserving a plot costs 5 emeralds. Payment is made to villagers found by traveling through the portals in the center of the builder platform. No refunds.
  • You must participate on your own. Team builds are not allowed, though others are welcome to give you supplies.

Instructions and Criteria:

When you arrive at the builder platform, you will be able to check the current theme and special rules by going to the platform ahead and to the right. (Don't forget to check out the information in this post, though, as it will be more detailed.) To get a plot and start building, do the following:

  1. Step through one of the two portals in the center of the platform, next to the stairs to the walkway.
  2. Purchase a ticket for the plot you wish to reserve from one of the four villagers. Note that only one ticket for each plot is available for purchase.
  3. Walk from the villagers to the machine of your ticket. For example, if you have the Green 3 ticket, go to the Green 3 machine.
  4. Put your ticket into the machine and press the button. Be sure that nobody else is near the machine. It will add the closest person to the plot you have purchased the ticket for.
  5. Find your plot and start building!
Builds will be judged loosely under the following criteria:
  • Theme: Your build should fit the month's theme. If it does not, your build will likely be disqualified.
  • Creativity/Originality: Build something different. The more original you are, the better, so long as it still looks nice.
  • Appearance: Make your build nice and presentable. Beauty is objective and kind of abstract, but there are certainly some things that look better than others. All else will be settled between the judges.
  • Overall Design: This covers pretty much anything else that might be present in your build. Note that the amount of work or value/rarity of items used in your build is not a factor in judging.

Builder Schedule:

Each month will follow this format unless otherwise posted:

Fifteenth day of the month: Builder Contest is opened. Plots available for purchase.
Last day of the month: Builder Contest is closed.
First day of the next month: Builder Contest is judged. Prizes are awarded.
First day to the tenth day of the next month: Players clear supplies out of their plots.
Tenth day of the next month: Protections on plots are reset. Anything remaining in plots is cleared. Next Builder Theme is announced.
Tenth day to the fifteenth day of the next month: Preparations are made for the next builder. Prizes for next Builder Contest are posted.

Current Builder Theme, Directions, and Prizes:

May's theme is Space. Build us something that reflects the idea of space. Maybe you'll create a starry backdrop or a spaceship or something. Or maybe you'll find a way to depict emptiness. Or maybe you'll build something to best utilize the space you have. Whatever you do, make sure it has space!



  • 1 stack of Emeralds
  • 5 Horse Eggs
  • 1 Silk Touch and Unbreaking 3 Diamond Pickaxe
  • 1 Fortune 3 and Unbreaking 3 Diamond Pickaxe
  • 5 Stacks of Coal Blocks
  • 3 Stacks of Gunpowder
  • 1 Nether Star
  • 1 Stack of Sponge


  • 32 Emeralds
  • 4 Horse Eggs
  • 1 Silk Touch and Unbreaking 2 Diamond Pickaxe
  • 1 Fortune 2 and Unbreaking 2 Diamond Pickaxe
  • 5 Stacks of Coal Blocks
  • 3 Stacks of Gunpowder
  • 1 Nether Star
  • 1 Stack of Sponge


  • 16 Emeralds
  • 3 Horse Eggs
  • 1 Silk Touch and Unbreaking 1 Diamond Pickaxe
  • 1 Fortune 1 and Unbreaking 1 Diamond Pickaxe
  • 5 Stacks of Coal Blocks
  • 3 Stacks of Gunpowder
  • 1 Stack of Sponge

Map of the Builder Platform

This should help you choose and find your plot. The platform is divided into four sections: Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. Each of these has 8 plots as shown below:
For those having issues with the image, here is a text based map:

1 2 3 1 2 3
4 5 6 4 5 6
7 8 0 0 7 8
8 7 0 0 8 7
6 5 4 6 5 4
3 2 1 3 2 1

Posted : 14/10/2013 11:55 pm