Some sad news  

Leveling Up

Hi, its his9.
I have some sad news for all who know I've been working on a server.
I got a virus on my computer, and it's bad. I can delete all the mini-viruses it makes (over 150 of them) but the problem is the big virus. I can still use the computer, but one of the virus scan (now thinking it was my dad) deleted my server files, and hamachi. My dad set up parental controls (which is why I think it was him), so I can't re-install hamachi to run the server. I've looked all through my recycle bin, and I found the server folder, but not hamachi. Sorry to all of you who play hiscraft, but the server is officially out of business. Alse, Idk why, but it say's it can't connect to whenever I try to log in, so I may not be able to use minecraft. Sorry everyone. :'(

Posted : 22/10/2012 4:02 pm


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