Leveling Up

For protection and transit purposes, we are modifying the warp system and replacing much of it with a skyway rail system. Everybody will be connected to a hub, which we will probably have 8 of, and each of those will go to the main hub at /warp hub. Each hub gets its own warp, and most of the other warps are going to be deleted. Everybody's going to get a train station going to the nearest hub, but you're free to extend it wherever you want after that. It'll take quite some time to get this all up and running, so don't freak out. If you don't have a station yet, find me when I'm on and I'll start on it, though I can only do one at a time. Strud will probably do it too, but I can't speak for him. Just let me know where to put it and what materials to use- Nothing you can't get normally, and only things that aren't normally difficult to get. Mostly, this will be stone brick lit with glowstone. The basic design will be a small building with a larger basement, which is where the rail lines will connect. So far, I'm thinking that forcing everyone to use their own minecarts will help with unwanted visitors and missing carts.
Also, we're gonna try to make a system that will allow you to choose which path your minecart will take through the hubs from your station so you can send things in a minecart with chest without following it. This might take too much work for the time being, though, so don't count on it.

Posted : 13/01/2012 9:51 pm


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