Shopkeepers in Genedore  

Leveling Up

I was curious as to how those of you in Genedore feel about adding ShopKeeper functionality to Genedore.

Before you get too excited, it will only be used for players to sell their wares. It will not be used the same way as it is in the main worlds. No spawn eggs or other unobtainable blocks will be sold by the admins. Though an area may be built (and protected) to act as a public market. This will be a player built area, each person will be responsible to build their own shop(s) and a villager egg will be provided, at a cost, to whoever wants one. Using these eggs for anything other than a shopkeeper is a punishable offense.

Let me know what you think. I know it isn't considered to be a vanilla experience, but I think it might be nice to be able to sell things even when you're not online.

Posted : 17/03/2013 1:19 pm


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