Sheep Farm! Employee's Handbook!  

Leveling Up

Didn't like my old post about this, so I'm making a new one, rather than editing the old one. Sue me!

My sheep farm is up and running, and fully staffed at the moment, but whenever a position opens up, and hopefuls will need to refer to this post for instructions on how it operates.

Expectations for players working on the sheep farm:

Players need to collect and deposit a minimum of 1 large chest's worth of wool for each color they are responsible for each week. This totals 4 chests of wool per week altogether, completely doable if you breed you're sheep up. Weeks are from Sunday to Saturday, you have until I first check every Sunday to meet your quota, failure to meet your quota will result in you being replaced.

Going forward, payment will be in diamonds only at the rate of 1 diamond for every three stacks of wool deposited in my warehouse, plus a bonus 2 diamonds for every chest filled to capacity. This ends up equaling 20 diamonds per filled chest. Payment will be placed in an employee bank that can access at any time, and I will do payouts at a minimum of 2 per week, depending on the collection rate. Usually I make payouts every 2 days or so.

Employee Perks:

In addition to getting paid, you do have other perks. The farm is setup so your character's hunger bar will not deplete while in the farm or warehouse. So you don't need to worry about bringing lunch with you to work.

Shears are also provided for you in chests located near the entrance to the farm. Please only take what you need, and do not worry about putting used shears back in the chest. I replace the shears often, but if you find that there are none left please let me know.

As an employee, you have access to the entire sheep farm, while currently each employee is only responsible for collecting 4 colors of wool, you are welcome to collect additional colors for your own personal use. You can only do this however, if the other employees are not currently working on the farm. If someone else is there working on collecting their colors, do not shear any of their sheep. This will cause you to be replaced.

If you'd like to breed more sheep for faster collection you can, there is wheat provided for you on the farm. If you harvest any of it, replant immediately. And only harvest what you need to make sure there's wheat there for others to harvest. You can deposit any extra wheat or seeds in the warehouse, or keep them for yourself. You will not get paid any extra for any seeds or wheat deposits you make.

What you're not allowed to do:

The farm is accessible to employees, moderators and admins only. Please do not teleport anyone else into the farm. If you are caught doing this, you will be replaced immediately, and will not receive payment for any unpaid work up to that point.

Selling wool to other players will result in termination as well. You're getting paid pretty decently already, you don't need to be making any extra on the side.

Taking wool from the warehouse once it's been deposited. I keep detailed records of the wool coming in and out of the warehouse. If you start taking wool out, I'll know about it. I'd rather not have to deal with thieves, so let's save both of us the trouble and just don't do it. This goes for the crop section of the warehouse you have access to as well. Don't take my stuff, you'll make me angry. This will not only result in you losing your position on the farm, but will get you jailed and likely banned as well for griefing.

Placing or removing any blocks on the farm. I will take away the ability to place or remove blocks if this becomes a problem. As a result, you will no longer be able to harvest any wheat for breeding. Just don't do it!

Last but not least, DON'T KILL MY SHEEP! seriously... you're getting paid to shear them, not kill them. Killing them will just make your job take longer, and piss me off.

That should have everything covered, now lets get to how the operation works.

Directions! (SUPER IMPORTANT!)

Using the sheep farm is pretty simple. Your first step will be to warp to alastos (IE /warp alastos) After doing so you'll find yourself in my personal portal hub. You're welcome to use any of the portals not labeled "OFF LIMITS."

To get to the sheep farm, look for the portal labeled "Sheep Farm." which, when warping in, will be behind you on the wall with the iron portals. Once on the farm you can grab a set of shears and go to town in the quadrant you're responsible for. Once you've filled up your inventory, head back to the center of the sheep farm and step into the beacon, this will teleport you back to my portal hub. (Or you can simply warp back to alastos)

Once back in the hub, your next step will be to find the portal listed "Wool Deposit" and that will take you to my warehouse. Find the section for your colors and deposit your hard work into the chests. Please fill the bottom chest first, then the middle, then the top. Once you've completed a column of chests, move to the next column down the hallway. Pretty simple stuff there. To get back to the portal, just walk into the beacon where you entered the warehouse from.

Rinse and repeat this process as many times as you'd like, just make sure you get those 4 chests per week! If you collected any wheat or seeds, you can deposit them through the "Crops Deposit" portal in the hub.

To collect payment for your hard work, head back to my portal hub and look for the portal labeled "Employee Bank" in the gold portal section of the hub. Here you'll find a series of chests, find the one with your name above it and check the contents, if there's nothing in there yet, try again tomorrow. I promise you will be paid for your work.

I think that about rounds everything out. If you have any questions concerning the sheep farm, please feel free to ask me here, or in game.

Also, keep watch for my new Carrot/Potato farm, followed closely by a new huge cow farm! Coming soon!

Posted : 07/12/2012 11:33 pm


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