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Leveling Up

Here's a quick rundown on the staff we have on the Minecraft server. If you have any questions you can ask these guys, they're pretty cool. Ranks will be listed along with what they're exceptionally good with. I'll add bios for each staff member if they request one too.

These two are the top dogs, their word is law as far as your concerned.


El Jefe, Not only does he own the MineCraft server we play on, but he owns and operates this lovely website as well. If he asks you to do something, it would be wise to meet his request. Manages a large portion of the back end features for the server and is the only one with physical access to the server itself.

Good general knowledge of most of the plugins we utilize on the server.


Been around since day one and likes to refer to himself as the co-founder for the server. If you want the story around that ask him, he'll be happy to fill you in. Nothing changes on the server without going through him first. He's also the driving force for improving the server, he has a list of project as long as your arm to make your experience as good as it can be (provided you follow the rules that is) Has remote access to the server, and is ALWAYS watching what's going on through the console.

Has a mastery skill level of every plugin and nearly every command used on the server. Especially great with LogBlock and World Guard

[Super Admin]
The only other OP'd rank besides Operator. We currently only have one Super Admin, and won't likely add another. Nearly as involved as the Operators in the day to day tasks as well as the planned future changes, not much happens without discussing it with the Super Admins first.

Called "Sarge" by most of the players, He's been around for as long as most can remember. Sarge is also Alastos's little brother, but earned a spot on the staff on his own. strudinox didn't even know the two were related until after he promoted sarge to an Admin spot.

Vast knowledge of World Edit and the portal system. Also great with redstone contraptions. Great general knowledge of crafting and enchanting items.

If the Super Admins are strudinox's right hand men, then these are the undoubtedly the left. These helpful folks have demonstrated a great level of maturity, ethics, great attitude and overall helpfullness. There isn't a better bunch of people to have helping us run the show. They make the tough decisions in arguments and other in game issues that happen when the Super Admins aren't around or are busy, where the Super Admins control the direction we take the server in and any changes we make to it.


Dark Mist has been a great asset to the server since joining the staff as a moderator late last year. One of the most polite people on the staff, she's always quick to jump in and help anyone that needs it. Well respected by the players and staff alike, it was a natural decision plugging her into the Admin rank.



These people are the bread and butter of the server. We rely on them for helping the Rookies get started, as well as enforcing the rules for us. We trust these guys to make the hard calls for the Admins and Super Admins when we're not around to do so. They also help with protecting areas, setting new warps and fixing problems caused by griefers among other things. They deserve your respect, so be nice, we will not tolerate you mistreating our moderators!







(I'll add more to each moderators description later as they get back to me with what they want added in to the post.

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