[Sticky] Server and Forum Rules -READ THIS BEFORE POSTING-  

Leveling Up

Welcome to GND-Tech’s MineCraft Server forum!

We are a SURVIVAL free build server.

If you haven’t already logging into our server, the server address is You can also type that into a web brower to get maps of each of our worlds and real time locations of players.

GND-Tech is permission based. You will not be able to build or interact with items until you have finished going through the spawn area and complete the test at the end. This is required of all members with no exceptions. Below is the list of rules with full descriptions. It’s recommended you read the rules here as the spawn area on the server doesn’t go into detail about each rule.


No Griefing or Theft
The general rule of thumb to follow here is if it’s not your’s, don’t touch it. Players put a lot of work and effort into what they do and build on the server. Damaging or otherwise ruining anything they’ve collected, built or mined will be met with swift punishment. The same applies to theft. Most player’s chest are protected, but should you run across one that isn’t, leave it alone. We shouldn’t need to go into great detail of all the different kinds of griefing and theft that are possible, you’re all old enough to know what would be considered wrong when it comes to griefing.

No Trolling or Flaming.
Pretty simple, don’t be a jerk and you’ll be fine.

No Exploiting Glitches
Glitches that are possible as a result of the game itself or any of the plugins we utilize are greatly frowned upon. Generally it’s pretty obvious when we don’t want a player to have access to something. Attempting to get around these limitations we’ve put in place, whether successful or not, will be considered a violation of the rules and punishments will follow. This includes duping items, being or building “on top” of the nether or other areas you’re not intended to have access to.

You’re Responsible for all Activity on your Account
If your character is found breaking any of the rules, we will not hesitate to administer the appropriate punishment. Telling us that it was your brother or sister or cousin or your account was hacked or whatever will not get you out of that punishment. If it truly was a family member or friend, go take it up with them and be angry at them, not us. If your account was actually hacked it’s all the more reason for us to keep that account in jail or permanently ban it to prevent future rule breaking from that account.

Respect the Staff and Other Players
All of the staff members are assisting the server on their own free time and for no monetary compensation. They put in a lot of hard work and often sacrifice working on their own projects to assist other players or work on server projects to improve your overall playing experience. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, or warns you about a rule you have broken, you need to listen and follow their direction. You’re welcome to ask for an explanation for why after you have complied to their instruction. If you have a complaint about a specific staff member you can contact Alastos.

Don’t Ask for Promotions or Free Items
We have a ranking system on the server. Do not ask to be promoted to a higher rank, doing so only hurts your chances of being promoted. We have a system in place we use when choosing who and when to promote players to higher ranks. If you’d like to learn more about that process you can check this post, as well as this post. The staff will also not give items to players. You have access to everything you need just by playing the game. We’re not in the habit of giving out freebies. You do however have access to /kit food and /kit tools if you run into dire need for food or mining tools. There are even Admin stores available where you can purchase hard or impossible to obtain items and blocks

Don’t be a Downer
We’re all here to have fun, if you start making that difficult for the other players do to a bad or depressing attitude you’ll be asked to stop. Failure to comply will lead to additional measures to keep you from ruining other player’s experience on the server.


No Swearing or Foul Language
We’re running a family friendly server here, safe for all ages. Even words you might think are minor are frowned upon and the community will be quick to chastise you if you’re foolish enough to blurt one out. This is an extremely easy rule to follow. Chat logs are kept and checked regularly, so even when there’s no staff members online be sure to keep your language clean.

Topics Kept at a PG Rating
Keeping in line with our server being family friendly, the topics you decide to discuss in chat are to be kept at an appropriate level. If you’re unsure if a topic is safe or not wait to bring it up in chat until you can ask a staff member in a private message if that topic is ok or not. Generally, if it’s not something you’d see in a Disney movie it’s probably not safe to take about.

No Spamming
Repeatedly flooding the chat with the same comment or question or just plain nonsense over and over again is extremely annoying to the other players. If you don’t get an answer to your question, wait a few minutes and try asking again.

No Advertising other Servers
The guys that run the server put a ridiculous amount of time and effort into giving you all a fun and safe place to enjoy MineCraft, we’re not in the business of using it as an advertising agency for other servers. We like to keep the players we have (provided they’re following the rules.) If we find you trying to recruit our players to other servers through chat we will be quick to stop you from doing that. Our players are free to play on as many servers as they want, just don’t go trying to steal them from us.

No Excessive Caps
Messages in all caps are as annoying, if not more, than spamming. Generally our members will let you know when you’ve gone too far with it and to tone it down. Repeatedly ignoring this rule is a quick way to get yourself into trouble

English Only
We don’t have this rule because we’re racist or bigots or anything. It’s there because the English is the language the staff speaks, as well as the vast majority of the members. In order to effectively moderate the chat, we need to know what’s being said. Members also need to be able to read and understand English to finish getting through the spawn area and get added as a member anyways.


No PvP without each Player’s Consent
If you want to PvP with other players you need to ask for their permission first AND they need to agree. Simply announcing that you’re going to attack someone and then killing them is a violation of the rules. You should also lay down the terms before fighting. If you don’t lay down the terms it will be assumed that you are not playing for keeps and all items need to be returned to their rightful owner. Failure to return items will be considered a violation of this rule. Players disputing this can have Alastos can check the chat logs for verification of the terms. He does not like doing this however, and players found in violation after checking the logs will be subject to harsher punishment than usual.

Don’t Build within Eyesight of Another Player’s Area
Our worlds are massive, there is no reason for you to be building next to other players without their permission. Players in violation of this rule will be notified that they need to move and given a reasonable amount of time to remove their things. Failure to more in that amount of time will result in your things being deleted and will not be returned to the player. With the warping and portal systems we have in place you do not need to be next to another player in order to effectively trade and barter with that player.

No Offensive Structures
Offensive structures found will be removed immediately and without warning. The player will not receive any of the blocks or items back from that structure and will be subject to appropriate punishment. The decision on whether or not a structure is offensive or not will be determined by the staff on a case by case basis. If you find a structure you think is offensive, please report it to a staff member immediately.

No Building or Mining on the Main End Island
If you want to build in the end you’ll need to have a Super Admin or Operator start you a small plot of land far away from the main island. The main island is reserved for dragon fighting and a separate mining island for endstone is created and restocked on a regular basis.

No Extreme Cheat Hacks or Mods
X-ray, NoClip, Item duping, Speed and other similar mods are not allowed. Players found with any of these kinds of mods will be punished immediately and without warning. This can include having all of their items and structures deleted as they weren’t obtained legitimately. They will not be allowed to play on the server until they deactivate those modes. Players violating this rule a second time will find themselves permanently banned from the server.

Allowed Mods
Fly mods are allowed, as long as they aren’t adjusting your speed. Minimap mods are also acceptable as long as they aren’t showing you the location of rare or valuable items. All other non cheating mods are not currently approved. If you have a mod you’d like to use that you are unsure about ask a Super Admin or Operator and they will review it and let you know if you can use it or not.

There are many other rules for various parts of server depending on the location or situation, such as Shopkeepers, Portal Hubs and the Building Contest. It is the Player's responsibility to make themselves aware of these special rules, if you're unsure on something you can ask a staff member and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. You are still required to follow all of the above rules in these special circumstances unless otherwise noted in the post associated with that area.

Posted : 08/06/2013 6:07 pm