Hey members (other ranks included) of the GND-tech server!
I am making a PVPcenter, nothing official involving staff or anything, just a fun place to hang out and do organised PVP. Instead of doing regular PVP arenas I am making sets to run around in, with obstacles and parkour (for example, a temple or fort). Anyway, I would like to know what you think of it. Please tell me if you have a particular preference for rules or layout of arenas, all posts will be taken into account.

So far I've thought of a few ideas for arenas:
-Mayan Apocalypse (Aztec temple)
-Hunger Games (Large forest)
-Atlantis (remains of Atlantis)
-The Labyrinth (a massive maze)
-Blocks (in game block 16 times bigger parkour)
-Winter wonderland (Snowy village)
-Tomb of the Pharaohs (Giant Pyramid)
-Harlequin Carnival (Venice style carnival)
-Pirates of Singapore (old pirate bay in singapore)
-The Kraken (Sea battle)
-Herobrines Mansion (Haunted house)
-Colossus (Current remains of the Coiseum)
-The mines (Dwarven Mines)

And yes, that's all that I've thought of so far. Please tell me you're ideas below, don't just criticize spelling or grammar (That means you Miliwyn) :coolness:

Posted : 24/03/2013 5:32 am


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