Personal Portal Hubs Are Now Available!  

Leveling Up

Ever go to the portal hub at /warp phub and dream of having a portal hub of your own? Well now you can! I've recently added the ability for the Admins to create and manage portals. This will be used in place of setting new warps in most cases. It's more work for us as the Admins, but we're doing it for you to keep the online map looking cleaner and more organized. Before you go getting too excited however, there are some limitations you need to be aware of before requesting a portal hub for yourself.

1 Players are responsible for constructing their own personal portal hubs. This includes both the portal frames, as well as the actual structure the hub is located in. We will no, under any circumstances, be doing any actual building for you. Note that portals to or from the main portal hub will still have the portal frames and signs provided to you by the admin doing it for you.

2 Players are limited to one portal hub each. If you end up running out of room in your personal portal hub and want additional portals, it will be your responsibility to expand on your existing portal hub. Our advice: Plan for the future when constructing your own portal hub.

3 Players will first have to establish themselves on the server before we'll start making portals for them. If you've only been around for a few days, chances are we'll turn down your portal requests until we know you're going to be sticking around.

4 Portals will only be set that go to actual places. Mines are considered okay, but wide open, undeveloped locations, or natural formations you just think are cool will not receive portals. This will be decided by the admin creating the portal. If you want a portal somewhere, build something there first or be prepared to give us a good reason why you need one there. Creating portals is a lot of work, and we want to make sure that extra work we're doing is for a good reason.

5 Portals from the main worlds to any of the Genedore worlds will ALWAYS be turned down. Genedore has it's own portal structure planned and will remain separate from the main worlds.

If you meet those requirements, we'll be happy to set up portals for you all day long!

Any questions or concerns please feel free to ask them here. NOT in game, asking them here will ensure everyone will be able to view them.

Posted : 08/05/2013 9:04 pm


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