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New Minecraft Site!  

BOT Admin

First of all, I'd like to thank Moose517 for offering to put this together. The new site is going to better match the original GND-Tech website to make things flow a little nicer. All of the functionality of the original site will be in tact but with some more added features which I'll list below: (feel free to add any moose if I missed any :p)

  • Player list
  • Server status (online/offline)
  • Login server status
  • Session server status
  • Integrated live map
  • Rules
  • Server info and forum links

I plan on changing the logo a bit on the new MC page to give it some distinction so you all will easily be able to tell which page you are on. Keep checking back for updates!

***The old player list can still be found here until we get the new one working:

Posted : 27/10/2013 10:56 am