Looking for Some Employees  

Leveling Up

I'm looking for some employees to work on my newly constructed sheep farm, four of them to be exact.

Job Description
-Take over one quadrant of the farm, making you responsible for collecting the wool of 4 different sheep pens
Open Quadrants:
Blue, Cyan, Light Blue and White -
Red, Orange, Pink, and Yellow - taken by diamonz99
Black, Brown, Gray, and Dark Gray - taken by macprowler
Purple, Magenta, Lime and Green -taken by jhm2068

Shears will be provided to you free of charge for wool collection
Breeding the sheep is encouraged, wheat is provided in the warehouse, please only use this for breeding in my sheep farm only. You will not be able to harvest the wheat in on the farm, this is intentional.

Do not let sheep out of their pens or kill them, this will also result in you being fired

1 emerald -OR- diamond for every 3 stacks of wool collected and placed in my warehouse. You will only get paid for the colors you are in charge of. For example, if you are in charge of the Blue, Cyan, Light Blue and White quadrant, but you bring me Yellow, the person that is in charge of yellow is the one that's going to get paid, not you. You will continue to get paid until the section in the warehouse for that color is full. At that point, I will not accept any more wool of that. color.

Access to my sheep farm is by invite only. If I don't employ you, you won't have access. If you somehow manage to make it inside the farm without my permission you won't be able to move.

Once your employment has been accepted follow these instructions:

Warp to /warp alastos
That takes you to my personal portal hub. Look for the portal to the Sheep Farm to get to the farm. There's two chests with shears, please only take one at a time as needed so there's shears there for others to use. Spend as much time shearing as you want, I currently don't have any minimum requirements for the amount of wool you get me. It doesn't take long to get a stack though, and breeding them will make it even easier. Once you're done or have a full inventory go back to the beacon beam at the center of the farm and that will take you back to my portal hub. Once there, go to through the portal labeled wool deposit and put the fruits of your labor into the correct chests (please fill the chest to capacity before starting a new chest, and fill the bottom chest first, then move up and towards the end of the hallway. Each time I get on I'll check the chests and record your progress and pay you next time I see you online. If you harvested any wheat that you want to get rid of you can go back to my portal hub and use the "Crops Deposit" portal to get rid of the wheat. No payment will be provided for wheat however. Taking wool from any of the chests in my warehouse is strictly prohibited and will be severely punished. You're free to keep any wool you don't put in the chests however, but you won't get paid for anything you keep for yourself. Also, I will only pay for full stacks, partial stacks do not get counted.

Employees caught selling wool to other players on the server will be fired.

If you're interested in helping out find me in game and let me know, or respond to this thread. Thanks!

Positions have been filled. I'll be creating other projects for which I'll need employees for in the near future, so stay tuned

Posted : 29/11/2012 6:28 pm


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