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Minecraft Information Index

Alright, we've got a lot happening on this server so staying up to date is important. This is a list of all information-based threads pertaining to the MC server. This should help you save some time digging through threads when looking for a specific post on a subject.

Main Home Page: http://mc.gnd-tech.com
This useful site shows who's online in real-time and has links to the forums here as well as the online map.

General Information: http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/33394-Minecraft-Server-Information
This contains basic information on the GND Minecraft server such as how to connect as well as a few rules.

Map Information: http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/33395-Minecraft-Server-Map
Information on the server map and how to connect.

Staff Information: http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/63605-Server-Staff
We try to keep this as up to date as possible. Info on current server staff and positions.

Moderator Information: http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/63429-All-About-the-MineCraft-Sever-Moderators
Info on sever ingame moderators.

Trusted Rank Information: http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/63277-Trusted-Rank-FAQ-Updated-1-22-13
All questions regarding the "Trusted" rank can be answered here.

Protected Region Management http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/63437-Awesome-new-additions-for-Members-and-Trusted-players%21
How to manage your protected areas. Description of flags available to Trusted members.

Plugin Request Thread: http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/40808-Official-MC-Plugin-Requests
If you have a plugin you'd like to see added, post a link to it here with a brief description. If we like it, we'll add it!

Screenshots Thread: http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/63719-Minecraft-screenshots%21
Screenshots taken on the server. Feel free to post your own.

The Builder Contest: http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/63948-The-Builder-Contest%21
Updates, and winner information on the Building Contests.

Genedore: http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/63731-A-whole-new-world%21
Information on Genedore, our exclusive invite-only world.

Using Logblock: http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/63862
A "How to" Guide on using the LogBlock plugin.

Horse Managment http://www.gnd-tech.com/threads/63897
How to add and remove people from using your horses

Training Videos

Adding Members/Owners to Your Protected Areas

Setting Flags in Your Protected Areas (Trusted Rank Perk)

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