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Starting Tuesday, May 14th I'm going to be personally going through all of the warps we have in every world and deleting all of them that aren't being used.

Here how it's going to work:

1 - I'll be running two commands at each warp point checking for block changes and chest usage in a 50 block radius over the last 90 days.

2 - Warps that come back with no substantial changes in the last 90 days will be immediately removed


We're aware that certain warp points that are still in use won't show any changes in the last 90 days. Most notably, mob grinders. In cases where I think a warp point might still be in use I will leave it up, but I will be putting it on a list of "At Risk" warp points. I will also be placing a sign informing players that use that warp point that it will be deleted after 14 days unless you message me either in game, or send me a PM here, explaining what that warp point is being used for. If I determine that the use for it isn't enough, then I'll still end up deleting it.

Warps in close proximity to each other that are in the same town/city/general area will also be noted with signs with the same 14 day deadline. Players will have that long to let me know what warp they want to keep (Limit of 1 per city in most cases.) If no one notifies me with what warp they want to keep I will delete all but one of the warps in the affected area by my own choice. Be ready with a very good explanation of why you need two or more warp points in such close proximity to each other if you have any hopes of keeping more than one of those warps.


The rest of the staff will be notified of these changes via email. In the past we have had no guidelines or rules of any sort on creation of new warps. In the past, this wasn't an issue, but with the massive growth the server has seen in the last year we've grown from having a manageable four pages of warps, to a mess of 17 pages. This clutters up the online map and makes it take forever for people to find the page with the warp they want on it. In an attempt to keep things more streamlined and manageable going forward during and after the clean up the following rules and restrictions will be placed on new warp point creations.

1 ALL warps are public domain. You cannot restrict warp usage at all. With that in mind, warps will NOT be created for personal use. A good example of this is a warp to your mine, or vault that only you have access to. Warps found like this will be notified with a sign and removed after 14 days. If you have a warp like this already, consider moving all your stuff to a different secure location closer to another warp point, or setting your home location there.

2 Warps will no longer be created when there is another warp in close proximity to each other. If you ask for a warp from any of the staff, they are going to check the map for near by warps first. If there is one within a reasonable walking distance you will be instructed to use that warp point instead. Exceptions will be made if you have built something substantial like a city, shop or other area where multiple people will be using it.

3 Players will no longer be able to dictate the chosen name for warps points. New warps will be names by the staff and will nearly always contain the name, or reference to, the person requesting the warp. IE a warp point requested by sargeantsimon to his city named "Vale" would likely be named "sarge-vale." Staff members will do everything in their power to keep the names of warps short for easy use.

4 There is no limit to the number of warps a certain player can request, but if we will start declining warp requests if we feel you have too many warp points. If you want more warp points and keep getting declined (if you're denied for a specific warp point don't go asking other staff members to make them for you. That looks poorly on you, and could prevent you from reaching trusted status or lose you the rank if you already have it) Consider asking for a portal created for that instead.

Now, before you all start complaining about this there are plans in the works that I will be putting together in the next week to satisfy the need for personal warps when you've already used up your home location(s) Expect a whole other post about that within the week.

I'll also be discussing further cleaning up the online map with strudinox and sargeantsimon be removing the home locations of banned/inactive players. So if you have a friend that hasn't been on in awhile you might want to give them a heads up about that one. Expect a post about that one as well sometime soon. No ETA on that project yet, got a lot of stuff I'm working on for the server at the moment so my time is stretched thin.

Posted : 07/05/2013 10:41 pm


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