I'm Leaving the Server!  


That's right, folks, I am personally leaving the GND-Server forever, since, sadly, I no longer have an interest in Minecraft.

The reason why is simple: I don't have an interest in the server, let alone the game, so I'm calling it quits.

Honestly, you guys are some of the most funnest people I've played with for awhile, and *incoming cheesy part* it's been a real honor playing with you guys.

Me and Alastos have talked so that my area shall go to JFlash1999 AND babs2424, to be shared. (Hopefully)

I'll still be around on Steam, plus maybe once and a while on the online map to check what's going on.

I'm leaving at possibly Friday of this week, or less, depending on my mood, but most likely Friday.

Posted : 18/03/2013 5:17 pm


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