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New to GND-Tech

I think for next update we need to get rid of this map. we are getting 3 different types of stone and water temples you can find. We have had this map since strongholds were added so it is very out of date. we have so much of the map rendered that it is hard to find these newer places like all the new biomes that were added or that are being added. Plus with the server lagging and using all of its ram alot I think that this would be a good time to do it when the next update comes out. The only problem is that people are going to cry over losing stuff. But that is minecraft, that's what makes it so fun. But we can also still carry over peoples stuff but limit them to what they can carry over. such as they can only carry over their house and one other structure. Unless they have really nice work they could carry over more. But I say we cant carry over chests with items. But thats just my idea.

can we also get rid of all the trusted and mods having access to /day and /night. im tired of it being 24/7 day takes the fun out of minecraft makes me feel like im playing peaceful 24/7. No challenge

Posted : 29/07/2014 3:15 pm