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Leveling Up

Alright. After months of preparation, it's finally ready. In Vale (the town at /warp sarge) there is a bank made out of sandstone. Beneath this bank, and indeed, much of the town, is the Vault. This vault contains gold, armor, dyes, even dirt, if you get the wrong chest. However, to get to this Vault, You must bypass the security. This is where the game comes into play. First, a brief description.
The bank's security is a series of puzzle-type games including mazes, redstone traps, and monsters (sometimes. They need to spawn.) If you manage to battle through to the end, You may choose three chests and gain their contents. The loot may make you rich. Or it could be dirt. Oh, well. Anyway, it COULD be worth the torture of my evil mind.
Victory: You win if you make it farther than anyone else or if you finish. If you finish, you get three chests. If you get the farthest but do not finish, you get one chest. In the event of a tie, all people that tie will get chests as though they alone had done it. You may only make 5 attempts toward the vault. Try not to die.
RULES: (These things are kinda important. If you don't obey them, you give me the right to kill you. In whatever manner I wish.)
1. I, sargeantsimon, MUST be online when you make your attempt. To make an attempt, tell me and I'll get us to the bank. Once there, STOP and wait for me to outfit you. At this point, you will gain a suit of leather armor, 10 bread, and a wood sword.
2. When you begin, you may not have anything other than the leather armor, 10 bread, and wood sword I give you. No tools, no potions, no weapons. Empty inventory besides this basic equipment.
3. You may only attempt to solve the puzzles 5 times to count for the game. If you or I must leave, your attempt ends immediately, but does not count toward that total.
4. You must use the default texturepack. I can't prove that you aren't, but it can ruin the game if the texturepack is different.
5. All mods must be turned off. Play vanilla minecraft.
6. Do not use any commands except the teleport commands while in the bank or the vault. Only use these when you are stuck.
7. Always enter through the front door of the bank when you attempt the challenge. This will reset the traps.
8. Do not break blocks or take down torches.
9. Immediately obey any commands I give you while in the bank.
10. Don't be a jerk. (Don't try to smart-alec your way around the rules. Play fair. It'll be more fun that way. I promise.)

The challenge will begin today, December 25 and end February 1, or when everyone that wants to try has made their final attempt. After that, you may go through the puzzles with any texturepacks, mods, armor, and whatever you want. Just make sure you leave it how it is.

Have Fun!

Posted : 25/12/2011 11:47 pm


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