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You may have noticed a few changes on the server over the last couple of days. One of these changes was the addition of the Personal Horses plugin, which helps to prevent the murder and theft of horses. Now that I've finally gotten everything configured the way I want I figured I'd fill you all in on how to use it.

When you tame a horse, you become that horses owner, preventing other players from being able to ride your horses or donkeys or access any of their inventory slots, or attach leads to them. Generally, this is enough, but for those of you trying to start a thriving business in the selling of horses, this becomes an issue. Luckily, there are some commands you can run to give other players access to your horses and their features.

Note: Anytime you see you need to include the player's FULL name. Partial names will not work.

To let another player ride your horse, run /horse +rider Then right click on the horse you want to add them to

To remove a player from being able to ride your horse, run /horse -rider Then right click the horse you want to remove them from.

Allowing a player to access the chests on your donkeys or mules is done in a similar manner.

To allow a player access to those chests, run /horse +chest Then right click the horse.

To remove a player from being able to access those chests, run /horse -chest Then right click the horse.

And lastly, you can give people the ability to attach leads to your horse you can run the following commands.

To let a player attach a lead to your horse,run /horse +lead Then right click the horse.

And to take away someones ability to attach a lead to your horse, run /horse -lead Then right click the horse.

Note: If you give a player the ability to attach a lead to your horse and they still can't, it's because the horse is inside a protected region that that player is not a member of. Move the horse outside of the protected area or add that player to your region to give them the ability to leash the horse.

The only other horse related command you have access to is /horse info. Running this command and then right clicking the horse you want information about will tell you who owns that horse.

One note worth mentioning is that the plugin currently offers no way for players, or staff, to change horse ownership. That means that if you sell already tamed horses to other player, the seller remains the owner no matter what, only the owner can make changes to the horse itself. This is an issue I hope is resolved in a future update with this plugin and will request from the plugin author. Until then, it's recommended that you sell only untamed horses and have the purchaser tame the horse themselves.

If you keep wild horses in your area other players with bad intentions can still come in and tame your horses, claiming them for themselves. Unless caught in the act by a staff member, these horses WILL NOT be replaced. For this reason, if you plan on keeping wild horses, we advise that you keep your wild horses in an area completely inaccessible to other players.

I have run into a bug where a tamed horse cannot be ridden by the owner. If this happens, notify me. I'll replace your horse and kill the other one so you can try again.

Posted : 20/08/2013 10:18 am


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