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New things added to list on 5/9/2013

Alrighty. For most of us, building, mining, and community are enough to make a minecraft server exciting. For some of is, it takes a bit more. And of course, adding new stuff will never be a bad thing, right? (Wrong, but let's not discuss philosophy here.)

So: I've decided to put more effort into making the server an exciting place to hang out. To begin, I'll be on the lookout for some fun games to do within the server. It is important to note that I will not be spending any time on things that do not get enough support, however I may make a small scale, undetailed version if I like the idea enough. So here's what's up right now.

1. Spleef. We all know and love it, or maybe not, but it seems to be pretty popular. As it is, there's more than one spleef arena on the server. I don't know of any that are really any good, and (since I'm the only one taking care of the ones I know of) they don't really get a lot of attention and repair. Do you want me to create a good spleef arena? What kind? How big, should you die, and how? If this receives enough support to become official, we'll have at least one good spleef arena.

2. Crumble. I hadn't heard of this until just recently, but it's kinda like spleef, except more intense. Click here for a video that demonstrates it. For those of you that don't want to watch it, I'll explain. In essence, you stand on a sand platform. Fairly quickly, the sand starts to fall at random into lava, one block at a time. Your task is to stay on the platform for as long as possible, though eventually, you will die. Make sure your inventory's clear before you try it, eh? (It should be noted here that because lava does not burn blocks on the server, this will not work. As such, we need feedback from you to know if we should enable lava to spread fire.)

3. Capture the Flag. If you don't know what this is, you haven't lived. Go find out.

4. Siege, or Attack/Defend. A group of defenders attempts to repel an attacking force to prevent them from taking the castle (or fort, or tower, or dirt shack, whatever). This can be done on one map, or for larger events, a series of such can be constructed so that groups must manage to take multiple castles, possibly while defending their own. Let me know how you'd like this to be set up if you would like to support this!

5. Races. Boats! Minecarts! Pigs! Horses (Eventually)! Swimming, Running, Climbing, even Falling! There's hundreds of variants of races that can be set up. Let me know what kind you'd like!

6. Blocks 'n' Pistons. This is a game of cleverly manipulating a field of blocks with pistons to attempt getting a specific block to a specific place. Note that this game will be limited by what can be feasibly accomplished with redstone. Receiving support does not mean it will happen. It just means I'll try to make it work.

7. Slots. It's a slot machine. In all probability, this is not going to be handing out any sort of currency, but I may devise a system of tokens that are used and can be traded around for prizes. If I make more than one, they'd have different odds. But yeah. You're not gonna make money off of this.

8. ??? What do you want to see? If you've got a good idea, share it and it could even make it up here! Let me know what kind of event we should do.
None, yet. Go check above and find something to support!
To show support for something, simply list the things you like in the order you want to see them. For example, if you want to see Races the most, CTF next to it, and Spleef after that but don't really care for the others, simply say that you want Races, CTF, and Spleef. Voila! (Note: If you want to let me know how you would like something to be done, tell me after you list the things you support. Example: I want Races, CTF, and Spleef. The races should include a large horse track. The Spleef should fall into lava.) Feel free to edit your list whenever you like.

I will not be working on more than one of these projects at a time. I will put quite a bit of effort into anything that makes it, making it look as nice as possible while still being functional. Clearly, some projects would take more time than others should they be accepted, so if there's something you want to see that's gotten a lot of support, be patient! I'll get to it eventually.

On the matter of prizes: Should a particular game or event become popular enough, I may start awarding prizes to winning players or teams at my discretion. An organized event for such a thing may happen from time to time, but other than that all prize worthy events will be spontaneous. Please do not ask anyone if they will give out prizes for a particular game. We'll do it when we feel like it. Of course, as a player, you are allowed to organize events and give out your own prizes independently.


Posted : 02/05/2013 11:13 am


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