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A few of you have found the Building Contest. Basically what this is is a competition to see who can make the most pleasing building in a given space. All the winners will be featured here and will win a prize. (A minecraft prize, of course. Probably a powerful enchantment or something.) I will now give the rules and judging criteria.

1. Do not build outside of your box. You may dig down and build up, but do not let any part of your building go above or through the fence. You may replace the blocks underneath the fences if needed, but do not destroy the fences themselves
2. Do not alter anyone else's build in any way. This includes taking items or blocks from a build after the contest is over, even if it is going to be deleted in the reset. You will be disqualified from the current building contest and your entry will be removed so another player can compete. Items and blocks lost in this instance will not be refunded. Use of fire is not recommended as any fire damage to another player's entry will be considered grief and you will be disqualified.
3. You may use any materials you have, as long as they have not been spawned in. (This means you, mods and admins.)
4. Building must be done by the time judging begins.
5. Your building must fit the theme. For example, if the theme is mobs, you could build a giant zombie, but not a giant shovel.
6. If you break any of the server rules while competing in the building contest and are jailed or banned or otherwise punished you will also be disqualified from the current building contest. In cases like this your entry will be removed so another player can compete. Items lost in these instances will not be replaced or refunded.

Builds will be judged on the following criteria:
1. Originality/Creativity - Make something new or something clever.
2. Sound - Something with no sound will receive a neutral grade here, it takes annoying sound to get a poor grade.
3. Accuracy - Be sure your build fits the theme. I don't want to see big shovels in the mobs contest.
4. Overall Design - Good grades will be given to builds that are pleasing overall. If something in your build distracts me from the rest of it, it will receive a poor grade.

Good luck! I'm now updating this post to be up to show the current theme and prizes, so you don't have to scroll through pages of stuff anymore! Hooray!


The theme is "Biome." Pretty broad so you can do whatever you'd like really. The idea is to recreate an existing biome within the game, or one of the new biomes coming in 1.7 or you can even create a completely unique and original biome. No houses, no structures, just the actual biome environment. You will receive negative points in judging if you include additional structures without providing an explanation.


1st place will get both a Skeleton Horse AND a Zombie Horse. These are special horses that do not spawn naturally, or through the use of spawn eggs. As well as one stack of each of the colors of stained clay,

2nd place will receive one stack of each of the colors of stained clay.

3rd place prize hasn't been decided on yet.

Posted : 26/09/2012 2:57 am


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