Awesome new additions for Members and Trusted players!  

Leveling Up

Got two new awesome additions for you guys. One of which is only accessible by players with Trusted status, but don't worry Members, you got some new commands too!

We'll cover the Members new commands first, since both groups will be able to use these going forward, and a short explanation for why this change was made.

Members can now manage their own protected areas!

Keep in mind, I said "manage" and not "create." If you need your area protected you'll still need to flag down a moderator or admin to create the area for you. But once that has been taken care of, you'll have a degree of control over it. When a protected area is created it's referred to as a "region" and is given a name, as well as an owner or owners. From here on out, members will be able to add new owners and members to regions that they are listed as owners for. This way, you don't have to wait for a moderator or admin to get on to give someone building rights in your area. Pretty cool right? I'll bet you want to know how to do this, well, without further delay, here is a list of your new commands and what they do!

/rg list -- lists the name(s) of all the IDs of the regions you are listed as an owner or member of. Once you find out which regions you're part of, you can use the next command to find out if you're a member or an owner.

/rg info -- gives you information about the region you specified, or the your standing in, it will give you a list of all owners and members of that region. I might change this to allow you to see information about any region, but for now you can only view regions you're a part of. You can use this in any region. This will be an important command for you if you ever want to remove a member from your region(s) as it will tell you the region name (or ID) and all the owners and members. You also don't need to be standing in the region to get it's information. If you know the name, or ID of your region you can type that in after the command. IE /rg info zebra

/rg addmember -- adds whatever player your specify to your region, effectively giving them full building rights when they're in your area. So don't hand this out to just anyone, if you say someone can build in your region that's the same as trusting them not to grief. It's also very important when you run this command that you type in the players FULL name. A partial entry like what you use for personal messages or teleporting will not work. You MUST type in the full name or it will not add that player to your region. You also don't need to include the . I'm pretty sure including those will not add the player correctly either, so leave them off. IE /rg addmem zebra alastos.

/rg remmem -- removes the specified member from your area. Same rules apply as above, you MUST include that players full name or they will not be removed from your region. This can be a problem if someone griefs you and you remove them. If you don't remove them correctly they can continue to grief.

/rg addowner -- this will add the specified player as an owner to your region. Be careful on who you give ownership to because they will be able to add members at anytime, with or without you being there as well as remove members without consent. I would highly recommend that you only make people you completely trust owners of your area(s.) Especially considering that once you make someone an owner in your region you CANNOT remove them from ownership. We made it this way to stop players from removing the original owners of an area. We will always be able to tell who the original owner of an area was as well, as the name we give each region will correspond with the original owner. Also, same rules as above, you MUST include the player's FULL name.

We made these changes for everyone to help ease the load on the Moderators and Admins as much as we can. One so they can focus on other tasks needed for the server, and to give them a chance to work on their own in game projects by freeing up some extra time for them. (The admins especially rarely have the chance to work on their own stuff) So we would greatly appreciate it if you could take care of this stuff on your own. If you ask a Moderator or Admin to do one of the above things for you, we will very likely, and very politely, refer you back to this post so you can do it on your own. Self sufficiency provides amazing satisfaction!

That sums up the new commands that Members have access to, now lets move onto the really cool stuff that Trusted users can now do! Flags!

Flags are really cool events region owners can add to their regions. There is a wide range of flags available, however, we've only given Trusted users access to a small number of them to keep things fair. If you feel like you need a certain flag in your region that you don't have access to you are welcome to ask a Moderator or Admin to place it for you, but you better have a really good reason for it because we are only giving you access to the flags we feel you actually need. I won't be listing all of the possible flags, only the ones Trusted users have access to, with a brief description of what each of those flags does.

pvp -- allows or blocks players ability to attack other players. pvp is ALLOWED by default
/rg flag pvp

enderman-grief -- allows or blocks endermen from picking up or placing blocks. ALLOWED by default
/rg flag enderman-grief

tnt -- allows or blocks the use of TNT. ALLOWED by default
/rg flag tnt

lighter -- allows or blocks the use of flint and steel. ALLOWED by default
/rg flag lighter

greeting -- sends a message to a player when they enter a region
/rg flag greeting [text]
IE /rg flag zebra greeting Welcome to Alastos's home %name%! will result in the player entering that region getting the message "Welcome to Alastos's home !"

farewell -- sends a message to a player when they leave a region
/rg flag farewell [text]
Same example for above, just messages the player when they leave a region.

notify-enter -- sends a message to trusted players whenever anyone enters the specified region

notify-leave -- sends a message to trusted players whenever anyone leaves the specified region

The above two flags can be set by any region owner that has trusted status, but they will only recieve the notification specified if they request to receive them from either Alastos or Strudinox. Keep in mind though if you request to get these notifications that you will get them for any of these flags set in any region. IE Alastos will receive notifications for people entering strudinox's area if strudinox set the notify-enter flag, even though Alastos isn't a member or owner in strudinox's region.

Keep in mind if you use the wrong syntax when trying to create a flag it will tell you you have to choose from a list of flags, and it will then list ALL of the flags that WorldGuard provides. Please keep in mind that you only have access to the above flags.

We may or may not add additional flags in the future that trusted users have access to. Check back frequently to see if we've added anything new for you to play around with!


Posted : 16/10/2012 10:32 pm


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