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This post should answer most of your questions about the MineCraft server moderators, how we choose them, what's expected from them, and what they're actually about to do.

If you have a question about moderators, feel free to ask them here, or contact me in game. If it's a concern or complaint you have about a specific moderator, please either contact me privately using a PM, a private message in game, or preferably, sending me an email at [email protected] and I will work with you from there. I will not speak publicly about specific moderators here in the forum, or in game. Nor will I privately discuss any punishment or other actions taken against a specific moderator. Please be respectful of that. With that out of the way, let us get on to the fun stuff!

We have moderators in place to hold down the fort when the admins aren't around. They deserve your respect simply for the extra work they put in on your behalf. They may "work" for the admins, but as a player, you're the one that benefits from their service. Treat them nicely and listen to them when they talk to you. If you feel you're not being treated fairly, please, contact one of the admins and we will look into the situation. It's a moderators job to enforce the rules of the server, and they will do this with all the tools and commands we give them access too. They can ban, jail, mute, teleport and many others. On the flip side, it's also their job to help the good and decent players on the server, but don't expect them to be tossing out freebees, or helping with mundane or easy projects. It is NOT their job to help you build your house, give you items or install a game mod for you. They help by protecting areas, managing in game disputes and assisting admins with whatever tasks they request, among other things.

The most often asked question we get as admins is "Can I be a moderator?" First, let me thank those of you asking the question for your desire to help our minecraft community. Second, please stop asking if you can be one. Third, asking what it takes to BECOME a moderator is not the same as asking to BE a moderator. The cold, hard truth of the matter is if you're asking to be one, there's little chance you'll be given the opportunity. Not because we don't like you, more because we look for people who are a little more humble and not out for any personal gain.

We don't use an application type process for selecting new moderators, it's entirely a recruitment based proceedure. This means that the staff, current moderators and admins alike, are constaintly watching for potential candidates for the moderator role. Keep in mind, simply being on an admin's or moderator's good side is not enough to get your name tossed around as a possible choice, there are many things we look for in a player when deciding whether or not to extend the opportunity to assisst us in moderating the MineCraft server.

Here is a list of things we look for in an induvidual when considering them for a moderator position.

-Respect. This is a big one. Players who show a higher level of respect for both the other players as well as the other moderators and admins are the only ones who will have a chance at being extended the offer to become a moderator. Those players that show a pattern of disrespect towards the admins or other players will never be considered for a moderator position. I could go into detail on what consititutes disrespect and what shows respect, but to be blunt, if we have to explain something like this in detail to you, you really aren't cut out to be a moderator to begin with.

-Overall level of maturity. This goes hand in hand with respect. Having just one of these two traits is not enough. You MUST have both to even be considered. This does not refer to physical age, it's all about how you act in a general sense. If you're always asking for things, constantly typing in all caps, spamming chat or anything else that annoys the admins then you've got zero shot of becoming a moderator. We don't want to have to baby sit the moderators, nor do we want someone who we find annoying. This is another one of those things that if we have to explain it in detail for you, then you aren't moderator material.

-Good understanding of the server rules. Simply following the rules is something we expect from every player, but we expect even more out of our moderators. Knowing the rules is not enough, we can teach a parrot to tell me the server rules but that doesn't mean we want one as a moderator. Understanding why we have the rules in place and what we're trying to accomplish with them is a huge plus. This is something we can, and will attempt, to teach to players we're hopeful of moving into a moderator position. Understanding why we have each rule also enables our moderators to make their own judgement calls that we can trust to be correct and/or valid when someone breaks them.

-Overall willingness to help. This doesn't mean that every time another player asks for cake or torches you run out and give them some, though that certainly won't hurt your chances. This is something we look at more of how willing you are to help over how often you help. Both are important, but we also understand that while you're playing you want to work on your own projects without constantly getting side tracked running errands for other players. Answering questions for other players that you know the correct answer to is a great way of showing your willingness to be helpful. Keep in mind, only answer questions that you know the answer to, giving out false information can, and often will, hurt your chances.

-Communication skills. If you never say anything in chat, it's hard for us to measure this. Having good communication skills is very important though. A moderator that is able to explain why they jailed or banned someone in a way that person can understand helps keep further problems from occurring from a single incident. Likewise, a good communicator can often diffuse arguments and feuds before the escalate into something more volatile. Being able to explain your actions and reasoning goes a long way with us.

-Other players respect for you. Pretty simple, if the other players don't respect you as a trusted user, or regular member, you're probably failing in one of the other categories we look at. We need a staff that is respected by the rest of the players.

-Patience. Whoever coined the phrase "Patience is a virtue." hit the nail square on the head. Doling out punishment to our players is something we try our best to reserve as a last resort. Having the patience to deal with annoying or unruly players when trying to sort out a problem rather than banning, jailing or muting them is ideal. Our players can't, and won't, respect staff members that aren't patient enough to let them tell their side of a story.

-Online Frequency. You can have all of the traits mentioned above in ample supply, but if you're rarely online then you can expect an even rarer chance of getting a moderator position. We need people that are both well known on the server as well as people that will be online often enough to make a difference.

That is not an all inclusive list, but if you have hopes of ever being a moderator those are things we view as important. If you are severely lacking in one of those areas in our opinion, then we would recommend letting go of that hope. Those are the things we look for, but just to make things as clear as possible, here is a list of things that many people think factor into our decision, but really don't have any weight in the decision process.

-How long you've been on the server. Some people think that longevity is everything. That if you've been playing on the server for X number of months you not only expect a moderator position, but deserve one as well. Sorry to disappoint you, but just cause you've been playing with us for X months doesn't mean you'd make a good, or even decent moderator.

-How many friends you have. This applies to two things, how many players you've brought to the server and how many people on the server you consider to be your friend. It's great that you've brought more people onto the server (provided they aren't trouble makers) and we're super happy that you have a ton of online friends in the game. But this doesn't factor into our decision at all.

-All the stuff you've built. You made a huge castle? You have a sprawling city? Cool, we're still super happy for you. But again, you could have a city that took months upon months to build or a simple little dirt house. We don't base our decision on what you've built or mined. With one exception: If you've built anything inappropriate or offensive that will HURT your chances.

-You're a Moderator/Admin/Owner on another server. This one could actually hurt your chances if anything, certainly doesn't help your chances at all. We're a completely different server, with different rules, different players and a different feel. Your status and accomplishments on a different server don't hold any weight in the decision process.

Hopefully, this answers your questions on what moderators are there for, what they do, what it takes to be one, and how we choose them. If you have additional questions about them, feel free to ask. We don't bite.

Posted : 11/10/2012 5:30 pm


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