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You may have noticed a new world popped up recently named Genedore (pronounced Gen-eh-door.) This post will hopefully answer all your questions about it and give you a good idea of what we’re trying to accomplish with it.

Genedore operates very differently from the other worlds. It stands alone, having a separate inventory from the other worlds as well as it’s own Nether and End worlds. We’ve created this world to provide a different play style than what we’ve previously been offering. The rules in Genedore are more strict than the other worlds and is closer to vanilla MineCraft than the other worlds. Creepers will explode, flying will not be allowed, warps will be close to nonexistent and players will be restricted to the number of areas they can claim for themselves. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of what’s allowed and what isn’t a little later.

First and foremost, Genedore is an exclusive, invite only, world. Players must first reach trusted status before being considered for an invitation. Simply gaining trusted status however does not guarantee an invitation. Many factors will be considered before someone will be invited to join us in Genedore. We’ll be looking for the best of the best to invite, players that will help foster growth and a greater sense of community and teamwork.

The goal of Genedore is not only to provide a different style of play, but to create a more realistic world of cities and towns, castles and farms. With this goal in mind, there will be certain building rules and restrictions that need to be followed, or risk being thrown out of Genedore. We’re going for a realistic and believable world, so some structures and creations will not be allowed. We ask that whatever you build makes sense. For example, a parkour course doesn’t make much sense by itself, however, if you build it in a way that uses the landscape, make it part of a town or a dungeon challenge, that would make much more sense. Similarly, a giant statue in the middle of nowhere seems a bit silly, but make that statue the centerpiece in a large and established city and suddenly it seems like it belongs. Likewise, a basic floating structure or island seems a bit impossible, but if you make it look like the island has a reason to be floating by using creative problem solving and we’re fine with that. If we find something that we feel breaks away from the feel we’re going for, we will let you know about it and try to give you suggestions on how to adjust it to help it mesh better with the world. If you don’t fix it after a reasonable amount of time you risk your hard work being removed. If you’re unsure if what you want to build is acceptable or not, ask me and I’ll let you know if it’s ok or not, and if it’s not I’ll offer suggestions on how you can make it acceptable.

And before you all start complaining about the building restrictions, please keep in mind, you’re still more than welcome to make all the atrocities you want in the other worlds.

Teleporting and warps will be kept to an absolute minimum. When a player first enters Genedore, they can check the map (it is fully generated) for a place to build and I will be more than happy to teleport you to that location so you can start building. That will be the only time I’ll teleport you somewhere for free. Moving around in Genedore will primarily be done through walking, rails, boats and a few portals. Portals will also not be free. In order to get a portal you must purchase one from a staff member capable of creating portals. The cost has yet to be decided, but cost will increase the more portals a specific player has and one way portals will be less expensive than two way portals. Before being eligible for a portal you must first have a well established city or town. We’re not going to be making portals that lead to nowhere. Portal cost will likely be in emeralds, so hang onto them when you get them. Being that travel will be restricted, please think about this when choosing a place to build. You might be better off building closer to someone else so you can trade and share resources easier.

Flying is a big no-no. We’re going for realism folks, flying is not realistic. This includes fly mods. Players caught flying will be warned once. If they are caught flying again they will be thrown out of Genedore and will risk having all of their projects removed.

Any griefing will be met with quick and harsh punishment. This includes all theft and damage to structures. Anyone caught griefing will be immediately thrown out of Genedore, have all of their structures and projects removed as well as risk being banned from the server entirely. I do not feel like having to manage any protected regions in Genedore, and I’m sure the rest of the staff will agree. Please do not ask for your area to be protected. We may decide to change this stance later on and offer protected areas for a price based on size. Keep in mind that Genedore is an invitation only world where we will be hand selecting it’s members so griefing shouldn’t be an issue to begin with.

Please do not scar the landscape. When you build a village or city or anything, please utilize the landscape and change it as little as possible. We don’t want things looking ugly and messy.

Please try to keep to one project at a time. If you start building a city and decide you don’t like it, ask for it to be removed before moving on to another one. Once you’ve completed a certain amount of work on a project you can move on to a new one.

Please leave natural structures alone. Temples, Villages and Strongholds should not be pillaged for their blocks. You can raid the chests in these areas to your heart’s desire, but please don’t strip them to nothing. Strongholds cannot be claimed. Villages and temples can be claimed, but only if you are going to be building around them. Simply having a village or temple just to have it will not be allowed.

PvP will follow the same rules as the rest of the worlds. Only when it’s agreed on by both parties. One offense will result in a warning, a second offense will get you thrown out.

Duping or hacking any items will be met with the same punishment as griefing. We’re aiming for a legitimate economy here, duping and hacking makes that goal useless.

Please don’t build massive farms or other huge structures without first asking permission. Same goes for mob grinders. If you’re going to build a mob grinder, do it underground or ask permission first.
Please keep Nether portals to a maximum of one per city. Nether portals in Genedore work a little differently than in World 1. Creating a Nether portal in Genedore will take you to the Nether, but it will not create a returning portal inside the Nether for you. It is advised that you take additional obsidian into the nether with you to create a portal to return with. Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon. The end portals seem to function correctly. In testing this, I broke one of the stronghold’s portals. I’ve noted which portal is broken, so if/when you find it, simply place all the needed eye’s of ender and contact me, I’ll activate the portal manually at that point.

We’re also going to be employing a separate ranking/title system in Genedore that will only show up while you are in one of the Genedore worlds. We’ll be using a medieval theme. Players will start out with a “Citizen” tag, and will move up the ranks based entirely off of the progress they make in their cities. The rest of the ranks have not been decided yet, but King/Queen will be the highest rank. These ranks will be purely cosmetic and will not give you any additional commands or abilities. They will be there to show how much you’ve progressed in Genedore to the other players. Kind of like bragging rights.

That’s it for now. We will likely update this as Genedore grows, so please check back frequently. And if you have any questions or concerns about how we’re running Genedore please feel free to ask here.

UPDATE - 03/12/2013:

Genedore is now open! Players can expect to receive their invites going forward!

Couple of new things to keep in mind. After many days of fighting with a new plugin to make things work smoother I was unable to get everything working like I wanted it to. So to keep from postponing Genedore's opening any further I have decided to scrap that project and simply inform you all of how we're going to go about fixing it. Players are limited to having 3 homes in Genedore, the way it's currently configured a player is technically allowed by the game to set up to 6 homes in Genedore. Players caught setting more than the 3 allowed homes in Genedore will have any homes over this limit deleted without warning. This could potentially remove homes in Genedore that you have already established and built around, so to save yourself the headache, please limit yourself to only 3. The reason you have access to 6 total is so you can keep your existing 3 homes in the other main worlds.

Secondly, due to the rarity of mushroom biomes in Genedore, (only 3 spawned in the world as of now) these islands are to be treated as community areas. You may build on these islands, following the rest of the rules in Genedore, but you cannot claim them, or prevent others from entering or building on them, nor can you stop other players from taking items from them for their own use.

The Wither can be spawned anywhere, buy please be considerate of other people's structures and buildings when doing so. Destroying someone else's town via spawning or battling of the Wither is a quick way to get booted out of Genedore.

The Ender Dragon will be spawned on the first of every month, and the healing blocks on top of the obsidian towers will be replaced as well if they are missing. Building and mining in the end is allowed, but be warned that the dragon will return on a regular basis. Obsidian towers that house the healing blocks for the dragon will also be replaced if they are missing. The frequency of respawning for the dragon is subject to change to a more frequent basis depending on need and demand and number of players in Genedore.

Starting out, players will be allowed access to ONE two way portal for free, the destinations for these portals need to be in established areas that player controls or owns, portals that go nowhere, or to game generated areas (villages, temples, etc) will not be created . Additional portals after that will cost 10 emeralds for a two way portal, increasing in cost by 5 emeralds for every two way portal after that. Player will be responsible for all construction of they're portals. A portal hub for Genedore is not currently available, but together as a group, you can buy one for the cost of 200 emeralds. This will pay for the construction of the hub, as well as a portal to the hub setup at Genedore's spawn area. It will also cover creation of a single ONE WAY portal to each established city/town/community/etc. that currently exists as well as portals to future establishments. Any single person is limited to contributing 25 emeralds to the cost of this hub. If funded, this hub, in addition to the portal back to the main world, will be the ONLY structures in Genedore built with Creative mode. If you would like to donate to the funding of the portal hub please contact me, Alastos, in game. I will be handling all of the portal related activities and will update this post regularly with the progress of funding towards the public portal hub. I can turn town portal requests for any reason.

You will notice quickly that in Genedore you do NOT have access to the /back command. This is intentional. You do have access to the /home command however. Dying in Genedore will spawn you back in Genedore, at the portal back to the main world. From there you can use /home to return to one of your areas.

Please do not ask for the weather or time to be changed in Genedore. To keep with our aim of realism, time and weather in Genedore will not be changed.

Please watch this post for any other future updates.

UPDATE 08/14/2013:

A shop has been setup at the Genedore portal that sells horse spawn eggs and other horse supplies. If you want a horse simply warp to Genedore and walk through the ice portal, you'll see the shop on your right.

As well, the issues with Nether portals in Genedore has been fixed. No more worries about getting hurt or killed when testing out a new portal to the Nether.

Next I'll work on getting the /home issue fixed between Genedore and the Main worlds...

UPDATE 02/1/2014:

Sargeantsimon is now running Genedore. Concerns should now be directed to him.

New events in Genedore will be held, but are still under construction.

The shops at Genedore's spawn now holds everything that cannot be obtained legitimately in Genedore, but can be obtained legitimately elsewhere, such as the new trees and flowers.

The portal system previously planned is being cancelled. Players are encouraged to instead create pathways through the Nether or underground tunnels. Several of these have already been created, so you may contact someone with an existing system should you want to piggyback on it.

Posted : 06/03/2013 3:36 pm


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