A couple of things....  

Leveling Up

Hey it's his9. On the forum, I can't comment. The comment box has the right header thing with the emos, but then the place where you are supposed to type is just a gray box with a little thingy in the corner to make the box bigger or smaller. Can someone please help me with that? The second thing is that I am trying to start my own shop. It is a clothing and dye shop, and we make and dye leather armour. I have almost no leather or dyes, and I can easily get some of the dyes. If anyone has any leather, leather armour, or dyes, It would be SUPER helpful. The third and last thing is that if anyone's looking for help with anything, you can comment here with what you need done, and If I can find the area you want it done in, I can do it.
That's all!

Posted : 30/10/2012 6:18 am


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