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The Elite of the Elite?  

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Who here has a PC gaming setup that is elite in ALL areas? Not just the PC itself, but everything. More specifically, a gaming PC setup that meets the following criteria:

  • Elite gaming PC with top tier components in every category (chassis, cooling, CPU for gaming such as i7 8700k, 16GB low latency DDR4 3600 or faster, great motherboard for gaming, GTX 1080 Ti or above, top tier 80 Plus TITANIUM PSU, only SSDs for storage and mostly/primarily MLC at that)
  • Top tier peripherals (high end mechanical keyboard and competition grade gaming mouse)
  • Top tier display for gaming (whether it's an LG OLED TV or a 2560 x 1440 144 Hz monitor)
  • VR headset
  • High quality custom surround sound system (doesn't have to be top tier since that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars at least)
  • High end microphone
  • Elite racing wheel setup, if you play racing games (simulator cockpit not required but a big bonus, and if you don't play racing games then this can be omitted)
  • High quality joystick and whatever else you'd use for flying (if you play such games, if not then this can be omitted)

Of all the mandatory requirements above, the only thing I lack is the VR headset but that will change soon probably. As for the optionals, I do have a good racing wheel setup (Fanatec CSL Elite wheelbase and wheel and pedals w/ loadcell kit), nothing for flying games though (other than a cheap Logitech joystick which I don't use since I don't fly anymore).

Posted : 17/10/2017 6:39 pm