PCS+ R9 390 to R9 Fury Nitro  

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Hello guys!
First off, Merry Christmas!
Be healthy! The rest can and will come in time ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Now as some of you probably know, recently I won an R9 Fury Nitro from Sapphire's Editor Casting contest. It arrived a few days ago and I mounted the beautiful GPU in my case (only have bad photos so will use some from online :P)



Now the first thing that made an impression on me was just how damn big this GPU is. My huge R9 390 PCS+ looked... somewhat small next to it. That is good for me, I like big tri-cooler video cards a lot. To my subjective aesthetic tastes, this and the Tri-X Fury are the best looking cards out there.

So now my machine is a lot better looking. The other somewhat freaky thing is how quiet it is... now the R9 390 was already quiet, especially if you make your own fan profile... but this thing is absurd. After 20 runs of Metro's benchmark at max settings (bar SSAA) at 1440P, it was still almost inaudible. I am impressed from this incarnation of the Tri-X cooler.

As for game improvements... minimal. Anything less than a 100% increase in performance is barely worthy of my time, but since this was free and looks so damn awesome I did go ahead and do it ๐Ÿ˜› !

So here they are.

AA: Application
Tex Filtering = High
Surface Format = On
Shader cache = AMD optimized
Tess: Application

All games are at 2560x1440 and Ultra less stated otherwise. Both cards are at factory OC settings.
R9 390 : 1010MHz, R9 Fury = 1020MHz.

Metro Last Light Redux.
+PhysX, no SSAA

R9 390 : 51.7 fps average, 22 min

R9 Fury: 65.45 fps average, 31 min

Clear Sky DX10.1
A-Tested AA 4x

R9 390:
Day 34-58
Rain โ€“ 33-62
Sun Rays 27-45

R9 Fury:
Day 41 โ€“ 69
Rain 38 โ€“ 76
Sun Rays 33 โ€“ 56

Nightmare settings, above Ultra

R9 390: 85.5

R9 Fury: 108.5

The Talos Principle
Beyond Ultra, Custom settings

R9 390: 55.6

R9 Fury: 87.3 FPS

Witcher 3:
Skellige Custom Benchmark Run

R9 390:
2016-12-11 13:09:00 - witcher3 Ultra without Hairworks
Frames: 3291 - Time: 80781ms - Avg: 40.740 - Min: 30 - Max: 52

2016-12-11 13:21:09 - witcher3 Hairworks and App settings
Frames: 2233 - Time: 80312ms - Avg: 27.804 - Min: 17 - Max: 34

2016-12-11 13:27:18 - witcher3 Hairworks and AMD optimized
Frames: 2679 - Time: 76875ms - Avg: 34.849 - Min: 27 - Max: 44

R9 Fury:
2016-12-22 16:24:23 - witcher3 Ultra, No Hairworks
Frames: 3911 - Time: 76094ms - Avg: 53.397 - Min: 40 - Max: 62

2016-12-22 16:27:47 - witcher3 Ultra with HW and 8xAA
Frames: 3268 - Time: 76484ms - Avg: 43.728 - Min: 34 - Max: 53

2016-12-22 16:32:06 - witcher3 Ultra with HW and 4xAA
Frames: 3351 - Time: 75812ms - Avg: 44.201 - Min: 36 - Max: 56

*Fury was always at Application settings :P... the improved tessellation helps it I guess.

Posted : 25/12/2016 7:19 am

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