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Leveling Up

well, i want a lot, but i have more important things next year like my drivers license etc.

temratures are as following:

GPU idle: 39 degrees
GPU load: 41 degrees

CPU idle: 40/42 degrees
CPU load: unsure right now, 50 degrees maybe up to 55

had plans for watercooling, but a friend(who had a phase system) told me i would need to replace the coolant every month and so on, so i decided a fan would be more easy for me

and my PSU has blue led fans, my rear 120mm fan has bright white leds, because i picked the wrong one 😕 but in a closed case they are not really usefull

so no real plans for now, but im sure to keep buying stuff, as i always do that, and i like changing things in my case 😛

Topic starter Posted : 26/08/2009 5:59 pm