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My TT Armor "The DogHouse"

agarath wrote:
Lonewolf: What PSU are you using? I am interested in the cabling for your primary vid card. I am asking because one of the mods I have in mind is making a set of proper psu to vid card cables. I'm in the parts gathering stage which means I have to search out the various parts. I believe the cylindrical unit on the cable underneath the heat shrink wrap is a ferrite magnet. Could you confirm that ?

Please and thank-you

It's the Coolermaster real Power Pro 750w: ... ct_id=2733

They refer to it as "ferrous bead core protection", so I believe you're right. The cables for the bottom gpu also have them, but I had to buy extensions to make them reach.

You're very welcome.

Topic starter Posted : 17/03/2009 5:58 pm