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My Folding/main Rig 2009-present


Machine purchased Nov 2009 to replace D530 P4 3GHZ to experiment with GPU folding.

2GB memory
300GB approx HD
600W OCZ

9800GT 1GB purchased Nov 2009
GTX 280 Purchased Jan 2010
2x2GB Crucial Ballistic Memory purchased Jan 2010
Tuniq Tower Purchased Feb 2010
Motherboard replaced March 2010 with Asus P5NT WS(3 PCI-E slots)
9800GX2's purchased April/May 2010
Below is a photo of machine with both 9800GX2's installed and extra fans for cooling.

Cases where removed from 9800GX2's to help keep the heat down. These cards do run warm. Hitting between high 80's and low 90's oC with two 120mm fans ontop and there own fans running @ 100%. The front top fan is blowing cool air into the intake and the rear top fan blowing exhaust air away from the card. They where good for 14K-18KPPD.

Traded GTX 280 + cash for 2 Gainward GTX 460's 1GB GS August 2010.
What can I say these cards are great. With these cards machine could be boxed back up again as the cards ran between 55-62oC while folding. Bringing in 18K PPD. With lower running costs and more PPD than the 9800GX2's.
2 1T Samsung HD103SJ purchased September 2010
1000W OCZ purchased
The power supply was replaced because I felt that I could not add any more cards with the OCZ 600W.

Inno3D GTX 480 purchased December 2010 This was purchased due to me starting to use the PC as a games machine which was hurting my PPD(had to stop folding when gaming). To be honest I should of purchased another GTX 460 as the GTX 480 is over kill for what I need. But thought it best to get this as it could be occasionally used to fold and also should be able to run most games for a few years.




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